This post was sponsored by longtime friends of mine, Brothers We Stand. All opinions my own.

Menswear is a sector that’s woefully underrepresented in the sustainable fashion sphere. Just a brief glance at my own statistics tells me that my audience is around 75% female identifying, and I know I’m not the only one.

So far I haven’t been able to come up with any solid answers as to why this gap exists, but I know that both men, and people who like wearing menswear/traditionally male cuts, exist. And I know that we need to invite them into the world of ethical and sustainable options too, whether it be through providing options directly to them, or to others in their lives who may buy them a gift. If we want conscious fashion to grow and become the norm we expect, then we need diverse and accessible products that people want to buy, and we want those people to include the male identifying half of the population too.

This is why if the chance presents itself to write about menswear, I’m always going to take it. I don’t really prescribe to gendered clothing all that much myself (my boyfriend and I share our wardrobes and it’s great), but I believe when we find these options, we need to get loud and make others aware they exist.

So today I want to get loud about Brothers We Stand.

I first met Brothers We Stand founder, Jonathan, in 2017. He was part of a co-working space that a friend of mine was helping to manage; said friend introduced us one day when I popped by. We got chatting about sustainable fashion and Jonathan’s passion for male brands, and I’ve been honestly recommending BWS ever since.

One of the main reasons why I love Brothers We Stand so much is how easy and accessible they make sustainable fashion. Their online marketplace brings together a curated collection that mixes styles (monochrome and minimal happily sit beside colourful and patterned), price points and sustainable credentials. They have a commitment to sustainability, but have brought together brands implementing that in varying interesting ways, providing something for everyone. From organic certifications and recycling waste materials, to durable designs and social impact, each garment comes with a full footprint breakdown that outlines its ethical manufacture, alongside areas that could be improved. One of Brothers We Stand’s core commitments is to transparency, and they work to provide as much information as possible on each product sold while also being honest about the journey of sustainability. No one is perfect, and they are open enough not to pretend to be, but instead to honestly share each step of the way.

When it comes to deciding which brands to stock at Brothers We Stand, the product has to meet strict criteria on an ethical and environmental level. Brothers We Stand work with the knowledge that achieving a fully ethical and sustainable supply chain can be a process, but every product has to have clearly demonstrated positive impact on people or planet beyond the norm. They require their brands to share each step of the supply chain with them, alongside evidence of the added value their processes or suppliers offer to communities and the environment. There also needs to be a genuine commitment to continued innovation and progress, and each company’s strategy needs to be towards continually improving social and environmental standards.

Beyond ethics, they are also committed to design and quality. Each item they stock needs to look good, perform well, and be designed to go the distance, in order to truly set it apart. This commitment to excellence and aesthetic is also what makes shopping with them so easy. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift, you always know that you’re getting guaranteed care and construction. Unlike online fast fashion stores, where something could last a while or instantly fall apart and there’s no way to tell, there’s no pressure of varied quality or questionable production. The Brothers We Stand ethos removes the worry, and makes shopping the mens section easy and enjoyable instead.

And because they mix a variety of styles, it also makes menswear holiday shopping easier than ever. Whether for a brother, a partner, or just someone who likes gender neutral clothing, you can easily find pieces that fit a host of tastes with the click of a button. No trawling the high street only to end up with the same scented shower gel set, instead you can give a gift that was sustainably and ethically created, which also looks great and will last a lifetime.

Brothers We Stand bring all these elements together so you don’t have to, making mens fashion accessible, enjoyable, and more stylish than ever before.

See and shop more online here