I’m back in England and it is so chilly outside! Help your friends stay toasty on the go and at home this winter by making them some homemade handwarmers, a lovely gift that is thoughtful, useful, and surprisingly easy to make. It’s also a perfect way to repurpose fabric that may be a little too shabby to be donated.

What you need:

  • Equal sized pieces of fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Needle & thread or sewing machine
  • Long pins
  • Funnel
  • Rice

What to do:

  • Take two pieces of fabric for every handwarmer and cut them to equal shape and size (I made these funny little bell shapes because I had random bits of fabric, but maybe keep it simpler with rectangles or circles!)
  • Place the pieces of fabric right sides together and pin to keep them in place. Then stitch a seam around the outside, leaving around an opening about 1/2 inch wide
  • Turn handwarmer inside out, so that your excess seam sits inside and you can now see the right side of the fabric on the outside
  • Using the funnel fill with rice until around 3/4 full
  • Sew the gap closed, being careful to keep warmer upright so rice doesn’t fall out
  • I finished the sewn up gap by adding this festive ribbon to hide the seam, which I also used to make a fake little handle to complete the bell look. You could also use a blanket stitch to keep fabric from fraying

And you’re done! To use, warm up in the microwave for about 20 seconds, and they should be ready to go. Super cute, super easy and a great zero waste life hack to use up excess fabric and keep your friends and family warm.

Until tomorrow, stay magic y’all.