Every journey starts with a single step. 

It’s an overused quote, a cliche even. Something you normally find adorning walls filled with ‘live laugh love’ posters and plastered across cringe-inducing Facebook posts from your great aunt.

But it’s also true. After all, cliches are cliches for a reason. It’s not original, but it’s not incorrect.

It’s something I’ve been reflecting on a lot recently in my climate justice journey. The media landscape has shifted dramatically since I started blogging and, as I’ve gotten busier and busier with various work projects, I’ve found myself longing to go back to some of the old school days, where I’d sit here to write my thoughts in a small corner of the internet, and not everything had to be a 90-second video.

So here we are, doing a bit of mid-week reflection.

My own climate justice journey started with a very small step. People who know me will remember the beginnings of this blog, as I tested out shampoo bars, reusable makeup wipes, zero waste deodorants and, the tried and true classic. The item that metaphorically launched a thousand ships. The bamboo toothbrush.

These days, I dedicate a lot of my time to fighting the fossil fuel industry’s attempts to co-opt the things we love, like art, culture, and sport. I’m part of BP or not BP?, I’ve been involved with multiple projects for Clean Creatives, and I work with the Badvertising campaign, and that’s just a start. My days and weeks are more varied than they’ve ever been; I can be launching reports, talking to press, supporting direct action and making social media content on any given day, alongside an ongoing artistic career where I take on dance and painting projects and advise other dance companies on their sustainability practices.

It’s a lot, and it’s incredibly fulfilling. The freelance life isn’t for everyone, but I adore working on my passions, finding new ways to combine climate and creativity, and waking up deeply caring about the things I do. Even on the days I’m stressed and overwhelmed.

But it took a lot of steps on the journey to get to this point, and I don’t want to forget where it all started.

Years ago I took that first step, changing to a bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic. I started implementing more and more lifestyle changes, then I met people doing the same, then I met people at protests and actions, then I started helping organise those actions too. I found some of my best friends in the world, and I find fulfilment every day in playing my part to try and build a better world. But it all started with that first change, and then setting up this blog to document it.

Amongst a world increasingly stuffed with content, I don’t want to forget the magic of those early blogging days, and I don’t want to ever forget how vital those first steps are.

So this post is a dedication to two things:

  1. Breathing life back into this blog. It’s time for more consistent posting, and having things to say. I’m sorry this place hasn’t been as active as it used to be, but that’s going to change.
  2. Remembering both the large and the small. Consumption cannot achieve climate justice, but it’s still a key factor for things that we actually do need. We’ll always need clothes, food and, yes, toothbrushes. And this is a space to talk about those things too.

There are still people out there who are yet to take that first step. Many are more aware of climate issues than they were when this blog began. As people learn more, their sustainable journeys loom on the horizon, growing closer as the issues become ever more obvious. So I’m going to be here, encouraging you to focus on taking each step in front of you. Yes, I’m also going to encourage you to get involved with groups taking wider action, but I’m also going to remember that these are all building blocks that take time to establish. You don’t need to change everything and become an expert overnight.

Each change, each skill you can contribute, each individual part you can play is important. For those small lifestyle changes (for yourself or to help others who are just starting out too) – I’ll recommend my partners and friends over at Eco Origin to kit you out for those essentials you will actually require. For everything else, find your local groups and sustainable communities, get involved where you can! And I’ll be here to help with any of the lifestyle questions you may have.

To a new season of blogging, to going back to the roots of what this space used to be alongside all the things my work has evolved into as well. I can’t wait to have you along for the ride.