It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is still pretty strange for most of us but, even if you’ll still be gifting from afar this year, that doesn’t mean that unsustainable options are the only ones available.

Here’s a list of over 70 gifts that are better for people and planet, hope it helps!



A certified B Corp, Tentree make Earth-First essentials that plant ten trees with every purchase. So far they’ve planted over 50 million trees, reforesting over 5000 hectares of land, with a goal to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. They use sustainable, comfortable materials with the smallest possible impact including tencel, organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester. Workers are paid living wages, and all factories are listed online alongside their certifications including WRAP, BSCI, SA8000, Fair Trade and Fair Wear Foundation. They’re also committed to replacing all single-use plastics with sustainable options and eliminating virgin packaging materials from the supply chain by 2023. So far this includes solutions such as eliminating polybags and FSC-certified recycled paper for all inserts.

SHOP THEIR GIFT GUIDES HERE, with everything from clothes to stocking stuffers.


BLK + GRN is a Black-owned all-natural marketplace, featuring all Black artisans who create quality natural toxic-free, plant-based, and cruelty-free products. All artisans are carefully chosen by Black health experts who know what an all-natural product truly looks like, focusing on the mission of health, wellness and community cultivation. 

SHOP: list of artisans here and SHOP ONLINE HERE

Black Lodge Press

Black Lodge Press is a small publishing press based in the North of England, with a range of prints and zines focusing on radical futures.

MY TOP PICKS: Safety, dignity & healthcare for all trans people, grow vegetables plant flowers, simplicity as a means of resistance, and growing a garden is a beautiful & radical act, printed on recycled card by Footprint Workers Cooperative.

Studio Vincent

Studio Vincent is a small jewellery studio based in Edinburgh. Each piece is made by hand using 100% traceable recycled silver and silver offcuts, and everything is made to order to reduce studio waste and overproduction. All packaging is also recyclable and reusable.


Bedstraw + Madder

Bedstraw + Madder sell regenerative underwear created in Southern India. They partner with Oshadi Fibershed and RADDIS to bring together traditional textile and regenerative organic agricultural cotton farming, use botanical plant dyes instead of harmful chemicals, and are transparent; providing fair wages and sustainable livelihoods. So far they’ve saved 70kg of chemicals from entering water cycles, 14,000 litres of water through rain irrigation, and have sequestered 2.5 tonnes of carbon through regeneration.


Habulous By Nicky Edmunds

Habulous by Nicky Edmunds is a UK based ethical homewares brand, with each unique pottery piece created loving in Nicky’s Dartmoor Studio. Each ceramic is functional, long-lasting and beautiful, utilising traditional methods such as hand-building and throwing.

MY TOP PICKS: shoreline series mug or ceramic oil pourer

Slowdown Studio

Slowdown studio brings together global emerging and established artists, bringing them to a larger market. They celebrate individuality and artistry; the result is a collection of pieces that are both functional and beautiful, and invite their owner to embrace the slower moments in life. Their 2022 calendars are printed on American-made FSC Certified paper stock and feature the art of their 2021 Slowdown Art Comp winners



Solios’ state of the art, solar-powered watches last a lifetime. While the average lifetime of a watch battery is two years, two hours of sun exposure powers a Solios watch for six months.This simple production switch eliminates the production of 20 batteries per watch, and it’s estimated that if every quartz watch used a solar-powered movement, we could eliminate 300 million batteries from production. Each Solios is sustainably made with durable materials packaging is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, and it’s waterproof too.



affandjams’s name comes from their founder’s roots of one part African (Ghanaian specifically) and one part Jamaican. Their products explore art, empowerment and body positivity consciously. Each piece is either carefully hand-printed and painted onto vintage and recycled items, making them low waste and unique, or materials sourced from fair trade factories using locally sourced and organic fabrics. All packaging is also plastic free and recyclable.

MY TOP PICK: They have an under £40 gift section here or shop generally here

Artisan and Fox

Artisan & Fox collaborate with independent artisans, small artisan groups, non-profits and local social enterprises across the globe; intentionally seeking artisans with valuable techniques who may have difficulty selling their products internationally to bring their work to a wider audience. All products are priced so that artisans receive 50% of the gross profits of each sale and are paid in advance, with remaining profits reinvested into helping more makers. 

While some products in the marketplace include animal-based materials (eg. by-product leather or upcycled bone) Artisan & Fox only support reclaimed materials that would have otherwise been discarded or unused. 



Underprotection are a certified B Corp specialising in sustainable lingerie, loungewear, hosiery and swimwear. They use a range of sustainable materials, and all of their suppliers are certified with Sedex, WRAP, GOTS, or BSCI, and carry Oeko-Tex certification. They also try to send as many products as possible by ship or train, and all packaging is either recycled or made of biodegradable materials.


Gift Wild

Gift Wild create eco-friendly cards and gifts that support conservation. Their cards are made from 100% recycled, uncoated paper and printed using vegetable-based inks, while their textiles products are made from GOTS and Soil Association certified organic fairtrade cotton. 10% of all sales are also donated to conservation charities.



Whisper Bidet

Looking for ways to implement sustainability into your everyday routine? Whisper Bidet is a sleek, simple bidet attachment, here to help you reduce toilet paper use. Designed to fit neatly under the seat and look great on a toilet, it helps users feel shower clean after use, without irritation caused by paper. Plus, it’s an incredible tool for those suffering from mobility issues or arthritis; just twist the knob to rinse clean, pat dry, and you’re done! It’s incredibly durable and easy to install, taking less than 10 minutes, and features water pressure control, a self-cleaning design, adjustable mount, plus a 60-day guarantee and one year on parts. 

And don’t worry, it uses room-temperature water from your pipes, not water from the toilet tank!



EarthHeros is a one-stop-shop, filled with everything you need for a sustainable lifestyle. They’re a B Corp and member for 1% for the planet, with an online marketplace filled with responsible options. These include items that are: made with renewable, organic, upcycled and recycled materials; utilising sustainable and low impact manufacturing; and designed for higher quality and durability. They also use minimal plastic packaging and carbon neutral shipping, through partnering with CarbonFund to offset transportation, and are Climate Neutral Certified.

MY TOP PICKS: Hour of peace gift box, save the bees organic skincare bundle, and the starter zero waste gift box. Shop more gifts here.

Use code BF2021 before December 1st for 20% off and to plant 5 trees with every order! 

Rubies in the Rubble

Currently, a third of all food produced globally is wasted. Enter Rubies in the Rubble, who make delicious condiments using surplus ingredients, preserving this produce by extending shelf-life with vinegars and sugars. Their ketchups, chutneys and relishes are made with fresh fruit and veg sourced directly from farms, and their plantbased mayos are made with aquafaba. Less waste, but lots of great taste.

MY TOP PICK: Christmas chutney set or their favourites bundle

Toast Ale

Toast Ale work with bakeries to make ale from unsold surplus bread that would’ve gone to waste. Bread is dried then used to replace about a third of the barley usually used to brew beer. Since launching in 2016 Toast has saved over two million slices of bread from being thrown away, donated nearly £50,000 to charity, avoided 42 tons of emissions, saved 250,000L of water and reclaimed 170,000 m2 of land. 

MY TOP PICK: The Companion Series, a limited-edition collection of 26 beers from 25 breweries in the UK and Ireland, all vegan-friendly and brewed with surplus bread, alongside a limited edition pint glass and extra treats. With every case purchased, Toast donate £13 Rainforest Trust UK and £13 to Soil Heroes, regenerating soil health on UK farms.


Upcircle’s skincare uses upcycled ingredients and are also organic, vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil-free. Products are made from waste materials including coffee grounds sourced from artisan cafes, brewed chai tea spices, and discarded fruit stones that are rich in vitamins like A, C and E. Their packaging is 99% plastic-free, they offer plastic-free refill options for the 1%, and they break down how to recycle their products here.



Are you looking for a truly unique and meaningful way to express your love and commitment? Look no further than TwiceLoved, your premier destination for exquisite pre-loved engagement rings. Each ring carries a story of its own, adding a touch of history and charm to your special moment. Make your engagement special with a ring that’s more than just jewellery. It’s a bridge between the past and your future.



Guppyfriend’s wash bag prevents synthetic garments from releasing microfibres into the environment. Made from fully recyclable polyamide, the bag reduces friction to lower the number of synthetic fibres shed, and it catches any microfibres that are released before they can enter waterways.



Stojo’s reusable, collapsible cups are designed to replace disposables. They’re made from LFGB Certified food-grade silicone, are BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free, and are manufactured in BSCI certified factories, guaranteeing employee rights, safety, and environmental regulations.  Their collapsible nature makes them perfect for on-the-go, as they pack up so small!



Ethique create a range of solid beauty and home options to help reduce reliance on plastic bottles across the world. All ingredients are cruelty-free, vegan, palm oil-free and ethically sourced. Staff are paid a living wage, 2% of sales are donated to charity, and the brand is 100% plastic-free. Their solids arrive in home-compostable packaging, and are shipped plastic free from their warehouses, plus for every order they plant a tree (or mangrove) with Offset Earth. So far they’ve saved over 13 million plastic bottles from entering landfill, with the goal of half a billion by 2030.



Yala is an award-winning African jewellery brand creating ethical, transparent jewellery in small batches with collaborators who are paid fairly and use eco-friendly materials. They work directly with over 150 artisans in Kenya, ensuring they receive fair wages, safe and healthy work environments, and real recognition for their talent. Their sustainable and ethically sourced materials include brass, reclaimed cow horn that would otherwise be sent to landfill from local farms, glass beads, and thread recycled from plastic flour and rice sacks.

MY TOP PICK: The zero-waste pendants, made from brass leftover from the production of their other pieces.

Elementary Scents

Elementary Scents are unisex, made in small batches in the UK, and 100% natural, using natural plant oils with organic grain alcohol. Perfume comes in glass bottles with aluminium caps, and you order the atomiser separately so you can reuse it again and again, reusing or recycling the glass bottles.



Retrospecced give retro, vintage and designer glasses frames new homes. Their experienced glazing house can expertly glaze any frames with prescription, sunglasses and blue light blocking lenses, tailoring each purchase to you. Glasses then arrive in reused cases sourced from local UK opticians, and 20% of profits are donated to Vision Aid Overseas who provide vision care across the globe.


Buff Natural Bodycare

Buff Natural Body Care hand make all their beauty products in small batches in Devon. They use high quality, cruelty-free ingredients to create 100% natural, zero waste options, with every sale supporting The Marine Conservation Society and Surfers Against Sewage.

MY TOP PICK: the personalised gift box

Pela Case

Pela’s plastic free phone case alternative is home compostable, BPA-free, non-toxic, and ethically made in Canada from Canadian flax that would have otherwise been burned.

MY TOP PICK: Shrooms and Blooms case

London Bathers

London Bathers is a family-run company created to help reduce plastic used in the bathrooms. Their low waste options are made with natural, ethical ingredients and come packaged in refillable containers. They also have an in-house recycling programme where you can return their refill bags to ensure they are properly recycled.

MY TOP PICKS: the soaking salts trio or the clays and charcoal soap trio, which is handmade in the UK using the cold process method. Both are made using natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.

Leave no trace

Leave No Trace curate a collection of eco-friendly products that provide better alternatives to single use or plastic counterparts. They’re durable, made and packaged with sustainable materials, and feature neutral tones, making them trendless, timeless and easy to mix and match.

MY TOP PICK: the kitchen gift set



JOI creates unique and versatile “plant bases” that offer sustainable, whole food, dairy-free solutions for all of your needs. Made with minimal, natural ingredients, all products are free from additives, preservatives or fillers, providing optimum nutrition and sustainability. Their plant milk concentrates have much longer shelf lives (up to nine months!), reducing food waste and the shipping impact of transporting water weight. All products come in recyclable glass jars or home compostable pouches (one pouch makes a gallon of milk), leading to a 90% reduction in packaging waste, they have multiple organic options, and everything is 100% non-GMO and gluten free.

MY TOP PICK: the organic oat milk powder, made from sustainably sourced organic oats and packaged in a compostable pouch.


Nummy provide a unique range of healthier vegan sweet treats, using carefully selected natural ingredients and with no added nasties. All handmade with love, you can send their vegan treats to anyone you like, and they’ll be delivered in an eco-friendly branded letterbox.

MY TOP PICKS: vegan mixed brownies gift box and vegan chocolate orange doughnuts gift box


Handmade in Surrey from ethically sourced ingredients, BNUTZ have a range of plant-based nut butters. The range is vegan-friendly and free from preservatives, palm oil and refined sugar, while being packaged in glass with labels made from FSC approved materials. Their nut butter bundle contains espresso nut butter, vanilla and macadamia nut butter, and cacao and hazelnut butter.



Black Lines are an East London based team creating bottled cocktails using the best ingredients. Ready to drink hot or cold, their limited edition Oatnog puts a vegan twist on a holiday classic, combining winter spices and buttery rum for a rich, creamy finish. 20% of the final sale price will be donated to the Hackney Migrant Centre, a group that supports refugees, asylum seekers and others in need through free advice on immigration, welfare, and health.

SHOP HERE (please note, they do use Oatly in this product)

Elephant Gin

Elephant gin is produced in small batches in Germany, utilising sustainable materials including 100% recycled boxes, natural corks and hemp strings, and rare botanical ingredients.

MY TOP PICK: Aged cocktail set, featuring a white negroni, red negroni and hanky panky cocktail, all matured for six months in Ecuadorian rum barrels.

The Singing Leaf

Passionate about plants and herbal medicine, The Singing Leaf blends loose-leaf herbal infusions, using ethically sourced and organic ingredients All blends are handcrafted in small batches, featuring locally grown and wild foraged plants that taste great and contain therapeutic properties. All packaging is also biodegradable, including wraps around their cotton tea bags which are made from corn starch. 

MY TOP PICK: Organic Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set 


Union were one of the first roasters in the UK to trade directly with coffee farmers, now working in 14 countries with 42 producer partners to provide an ever-changing selection of delicious coffees. Each is carefully roasted fresh to order in small batches. 

SHOP GIFTS HERE and browse coffees here

London based Old Spike source, roast and pack direct trade coffee while offering employment to those affected by homelessness. They train and employ homeless people in their cafe, in coffee production, and in delivery; with every bag bought contributing to this work.

BUY COFFEE HERE or gift a subscription here

New Ground Coffee sources ethical direct trade coffee from small-scale farms around the world, are a living wage employer, use recyclable packaging, run on renewable energy and use carbon neutral logistics. They also create work and training opportunities for ex-offenders across the UK, giving everyone the chance for a new beginning.



London-based NEMI Teas offer a variety of whole-leaf organic tea blends, with loose leaf optios or plastic-free, fairtrade-certified teabags. They also provide employment to refugees, helping with work experience and skill building.

MY TOP PICK: spicy chai syrup

The Teaspoon Club

The Teaspoon Club sells ethically sourced fresh spices, as well as delicious spice recipe kits. They source from Soil Association Certified and EU Organic suppliers, package in a plant-based plastic alternative, labels are made from recycled paper, and you can purchase jar refills. With every order placed, they also plant a tree in a country where spices are sourced. 


Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s aim to make 100% slave-free chocolate the norm. They use five sourcing principles to eradicate modern slavery from supply chains, make delicious and transparent chocolate, and build long term relationships with thousands of farmers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. In addition to the Fairtrade premium, they also pay a Tony’s premium to ensure farmers receive a living income.


Old Hamlet Wine & Spice

Old Hamlet Wine & Spice is an artisan producer of mulling spices for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. They hand blend their spice mixes in small batches using authentic recipes developed over the last 40 years. Their range includes fairtrade and organic options which are packaged in fabric bags or cardboard envelopes.


Little by Little

Little by Little create food-inspired jewellery that is transparent, sustainable and intricate. Each piece is ethically made in Peru using a mix of locally-sourced recycled and sustainably sourced virgin metal. Jewellery comes in recycled packing that is made in the UK, and Little by Little also partner with Luminary Bakery.



Choose Love

Choose Love support global displaced and vulnerable communities; they’ve ensured hundreds of people have been rescued at sea, while providing thousands of tents, sleeping bags and nearly 1.5 million hot meals. The Choose Love store is the world’s first shop that sells real products for refugees, every item in-store represents a similar product/service provided by one of over 120 projects they support around the world.

TO HELP REFUGEES TODAY: shop secret santa giftsemergency needsdaily survival, and building futures. If you still want to give something physical their ethically made merchandise also donates 100% of profits to supporting refugees and displaced people.

Article 22

ARTICLE 22’s jewellery is sustainably and ethically produced in Laos, where artisans use metal from bomb shrapnel to create each piece. Every purchase funds the clearing of 3 square metres of land through financially supporting organisations who safelyclear bombs, returning land that had been sitting unused for decades back to Laotians for redevelopment and agriculture.



Pivot is an ethical and sustainable brand empowering those experiencing homelessness; helping them transition out of temporary accommodation, through the practical experience of making and enterprise. They design products that can easily be made in hostels, utilising materials like brass and stainless steel, to bring flexible and meaningful employment for vulnerable people who may find it hard to access work. 

MY TOP PICKS: The Bookmark & Notebook Bundle and the trio of Christmas decorations (all proceeds from the trio will go towards running their Spring 2022 programme with people experiencing homelessness).


Zaytoun is a social enterprise supporting Palestinian farmers through fair trade. Their products are ethically sourced, sustainably grown and sourced from farmers in Palestine, supporting them through the challenges of illegal Israeli occupation and settlement. Harvested and prepared by hand, each product is a testament to the heritage and traditions of the Palestinian people and the exceptional quality of Palestinian produce. They have everything from peppery olive oil and fudgy Medjoul dates to sweet crunchy almonds, zesty za’atar, smoky freekeh and nutty maftoul, and 100% of profits are reinvested into furthering their mission.


Mosaik gift shop

When you purchase a gift from the Mosaik Christmas shop at least 10% of the profit is donated to Mosaik Education, whose guidance and courses help refugees access higher education.


Survival International

Survival International partners with Indigenous and tribal peoples to protect their lives and land, pushing back against land theft, forced development, violence and racism. They stop loggers, miners, and oil companies from destroying tribal lands, they lobby governments to recognise Indigenous land rights, and they document and expose atrocities committed against tribal people and take direct action to stop them. All proceeds from Christmas gift shop are used fighting for the survival of tribal peoples worldwide. 


Big Issue

The Big Issue’s online shop brings together a range of brands that put people and the planet first; from upcycling materials, working with marginalised groups and using profits to fuel social good. They aim to make ethical shopping more accessible and provide opportunities for spending to have a positive difference, while also providing more income for the Big Issue’s work supporting people experiencing poverty and homelessness.

SHOP GIFTS HERE or purchase a Big Issue magazine subscription here

Jollies Socks 

Sustainably made from organic cotton in Portugal, each pair of Jollies are cosy and colourful. For every pair sold a pair is donated to a homeless charity in your area, and they recently introduced their sock recycle scheme. All orders now include a pre-paid envelope for you to send old socks to them: those in good condition will be donated to homeless charities, while anything unusable will be recycled into valuable industrial textiles.




Alice & Peg

Alice & Peg support independent, eco-friendly makers through beautifully curated, unique and thoughtful eco hampers. Their range promotes self care and taking some time for ourselves.

MY TOP PICKS: The Hytte Box, designed to recreate the snug, calming atmosphere of a winter woodland escape, or The Moon & Back Box, designed specifically with men in mind, providing a special hug for him. Both are limited edition for 2021.

Agnes LDN

Agnes LDN’s handmade goods started as a way to help people reduce waste, now they’ve expanded to provide quality products in other areas too. They use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton or headstock materials, support other small businesses wherever possible, and everything is handmade by founder Sophie or her partner.

MY TOP PICK: Linen playsuit pyjamas, made in the UK with quality European linen and organic cotton buttons. 

Balancing Act

Balancing act’s conscious candles and wax melts are hand poured in small batches in London. Thy’re made with vegan-friendly, cruelty free soy wax, naturally scented with essential oils and packaged in eco friendly packaging.

MY TOP PICK: The cosy collection wax melts which comes in four scents: spiced pumpkin, autumn leaves, smoke signals, and the equinox.


Kushel create items from organic cotton and sustainably certified tencel, and are OEKO-TEX 100, SMETA and B-Corp certified. They manufacture ethically in Portugal, offset production emissions with a wind-park project, offset water consumption by funding rain harvesting, filtration, and ground-water projects, and plant two trees for each sale. 

MY TOP PICK: their bathrobe


With fifteen years of experience working in candle and home fragrance ranges, wxy aims to provide a cleaner, fairer product. Their candles are hand-poured in the UK with 100% plant based, palm oil-free wax. Products contain no animal materials or parabens and they utilise recyclable materials wherever possible while avoiding plastic. Plus with every purchase 3% of profits are given to charity.



ELM RD. hamdmake their home fragrance products in the Kentish countryside with locally sourced ingredients; everything is free from harmful chemicals, additives and synthetic fragrances. Their 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan aromatherapy roll-ons blend safflower oil with pure essential oils, and are available individually or as a gift set.



Hometown Journal

Hometown is a creative journal designed to help love where you live. It’s filled with creative exercises to spark adventure, mindfulness and community spirit, helping you cultivate a creative journey to see the place you live in a whole new way.



From the heart of the Lake District, Millican’s bags are hardwearing, lightweight and waterproof, designed to be used in any environment. Their materials include GRS certified 100% recycled polyester fabric made from post-consumer waste, their dyes are all Bluesign approved, and water is collected and cleaned after dyeing. All their producers are listed online, and are externally certified and audited to ensure a living wage, no sub-contracting and safe working conditions.



Beevive created the original bee revival keyring, providing an emergency solution to revive an exhausted bee if one crosses your path. The aluminium shell contains a refillable glass bottle, with a specialised bee food syrup to feed a bee in an emergency. It’s perfect for anyone who spends time outdoors, enabling everyone to support bees on the go.


Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective’s Oeko-Tex certified fabrics include recycled polyester from recycled bottles, ECONYL® yarn which recycles fishing nets and other waste and cupro, a yarn made from cotton industry waste in a zero-waste, zero-emission facility in Japan. Their dyes are also Oeko-Tex certified, their factories are SA8000 certified (which guarantees fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, zero forced or child labour, and the right to unionise), their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable, and their sizes run up to 6XL.


House of Marley

House of Marley use the most sustainable materials possible including bamboo, FSC certified wood, recycled plastic and fabric made from reclaimed organic cotton, reclaimed hemp and recycled PET, to create their incredible audio products. Their speakers and headphones are designed to provide the best possible sound, and product sales support global reforestation efforts in collaboration with One Tree Planted.




All of CHNGE’s pieces are produced at a Fairtrade Factory that is also certified by Global Recycling Standard and the Indian Green Building Council. All processes are also GOTS certified organic, over 98% of water used during dying is recycled, packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, water-based inks and 100% recycled plastic poly bags.

MY TOP PICK: self care sweatpant


PRICK is London’s first boutique dedicated to cacti and other succulents, offering a selection of the most unusual and exotic plants sourced from across the UK and Europe. They aim to educate people on the benefits of living with plants, as well as sharing knowledge on their care. The shop is a start contrast to conventional garden centres: plant are well cared for, top quality specimens, and all are re-potted before being sold to ensure their health. They have an extensive online shop, and are also a black-owned business.

MY TOP PICK: PRICK book and potted cactus Christmas Combo


SKNFED’s plastic-free skin gift set for men is 100% natural, vegan and organic. It features a nourishing face moisturiser, organic cranberry body oil, and a gift bag.


Give Yourself Kindness journal

Prited sustainably in Wales, this mindfulness journal offers a space to develop emotional resilience. Explore thoughtful pages, designed to nurture gratitude, reflection, self-care and inspiration, dedicated to making journaling accessible to all.


Pixie’s Magic Hook

Pixie’ Magic Hook features homeware, with each piece individually handmade in the UK with recycled and ethically sourced materials. Their pieces are unique, colourful and conscious additions to any home.

MY TOP PICKS: Macrame Plant Hanger or DIY Macrame Snowflakes (an ideal starter project for anyone looking to try macrame)


My all time favourite skincare brand, Biossance’s skincare is developed in a My Green Lab certified facility, the gold standard for laboratory sustainability practices. All ingredients are non-toxic and sourced ethically and sustainably. In particular, Biossance is known for creating a renewable, sugarcane-derived ingredient called squalane. Since the 16th century sharks have been hunted for an oil in their livers (known as squalene), to make skincare products; Biossance’s vegan alternative saves 2 million sharks each year. Their packaging is also recyclable, with outer cartons made from renewable sugarcane paper without inks or dyes, and they fund reforestation to offset every order shipped.



B-Corp Davines only use ingredients that are high-quality, of natural origin, eco-certified or organic, all packaging is recycled or bio-based, and biodiversity is factored into in all they do. All products are made in Parma, Italy, in a village powered completely by renewables. Other emissions for the rest of the product lifecycle are offset through a partnership with EthioTrees, who plant native tree and shrub species and focus on soil protection, and Davines also partner with The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity to protect traditional agroecological farming methods.




Acala offers an extensive range of natural, organic and vegan health and beauty products, all of which are responsibly packaged; with refills, plastic-free and zero-waste packaging. They plant a tree for every order, and have their carbon footprint independently assessed to then work with Ecologi to offset 120% of net carbon emissions.

MY TOP PICKS: the new baby gift bag and the new mama gift bag, both designed to keep new parents and babies calm and soothed.

Little Herbs

Little Herbs specialise in herbal skincare for mothers and children. They use locally sourced, natural country garden herbs and botanicals grown in the UK, use no harmful chemicals and have recyclable packaging. Products are also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

MY TOP PICKS: baby oil or the gift selection

Bravery Magazine

Bravery Magazine is a publication for children, featuring a brave woman in each issue. Designed to inspire and educate; each issue features educational content, fun DIYs, and illustrated biographies, all the while introducing kids to strong, brave role models that are diverse in ethnicity, race, ability, background, and interests.


SPONSORED POST DISCLAIMER: this post contains paid features from some brands, and some affiliate links. I already had relationships with the brands featured and believed in what they were doing. I would never recommend something I don’t believe in, all editorial decisions my own.