This post was sponsored by Nordgreen, all thoughts my own.

Holiday gifting is set to look a little different this year. This is especially true in regards to big days where people try to get a lot done, such as Black Friday. In the past people may have enjoyed wandering through shops, listening to Christmas music and and checking out holiday decorations. Perhaps they even enjoyed the rush of bustling crowds (though you have to be a certain kind of person for that one!). But in 2020, like many other things, attention is turning online. Black Friday deals join Cyber Monday deals and Nordgreen, the Danish watch brand built around valuing community and the environment, have one of the best for Ethical Unicorn readers.

Firstly, let’s admit online shopping can be a good thing for a few reasons:

 1. It doesn’t involve Zoom at all

2. It’s Covid-safe and less stressful – no huge crowds!

3. It can help us find more sustainable and ethical options as we expand the search beyond the high street

4.  You can often find deals that couldn’t be matched in-store, helping you save money while you’re at it

In light of the need to move online in 2020 Nordgreen have decided to offer special Black Friday watches and Cyber Monday deals this year for those shopping for loved ones. Their minimal and timeless designs combine aesthetics, luxury and practicality. Each model is created by award-winning Chief Designer Jakob Wagner, a five-time recipient of the IF Product Design Award and Designer of the Year. Every design is centred on a balanced, effortless user experience, considering how someone will interact with their watch throughout the day. And I have an extra special discount code for you!

Use the code UNICORN35 for 35% off (valid from 21st November to 1st December 2020)

Nordgreen’s official websites won’t offer a higher discount than their Black Friday watches, so I’m happy to say my discount code will be the biggest one you can find online. Consider it a gift from me to you for your holiday shopping. Now let’s talk more about Nordgreen themselves.

Sustainably made & giving back

Firstly, Nordgreen’s ethical credentials stand up. They work with Danish partners abroad to ensure that all overseas production facilities adhere to the highest standards of Danish labour practices. All packaging is FSC certified, created from responsibly managed forests or upcycled plastic bottles, while Nordgreen have offset the emissions of their head office and global shipments through reforestation and regreening.

Aside from production, giving back is core to the Nordgreen model. They have long term partnerships with Cool Earth, who work directly with Indigenous rainforest communities to halt deforestation, Water for Good, who work on clean water access in the Central African Republic, and Pratham UK, one of the most successful educational organisations in India. 

With the sale of each watch, Nordgreen donates money to the partner charity of your choice. So far they have funded 6,500 months of school education, provided nearly 10,000 meals and over 23,000 months worth of drinking water, and protected 742,000m² of rainforest. Each watch comes with a unique serial number; all a customer has to do is go to the Giving Back Program and type in this serial number before selecting a cause then and there. There is no additional cost to donate, it is simply deciding where part of the purchase goes. Customers can, at any time, go to the Give Back Programme and check the current status on their donation cause, as it is attached to the watch for its whole lifetime.

Plus, Nordgreen also monitor and select global issues that may need more support. In 2020 they funded tree planting to restore fire damaged areas in Australia and getting meals to healthcare workers after COVID-19 broke out.

Use the code UNICORN35 for 35% off (valid from 21st November to 1st December 2020)

The perfect gift for her/him/they

Nordgreen now offers four main watch designs. The Native is inspired by balance and is described as a redefined classic: simple and sophisticated, human-centric at its core. The Philosopher is inspired by those who think differently. Its noticeably asymmetric second hand continuously moves through time while minimalist details become key focuses. The Infinity is inspired by nature, all added complexities are removed to leave only the essential elements, highlighting simplicity by removing extra fuss.

Finally, the newest addition is The Pioneer, which was awarded a Red Dot Design Award in 2020 and is inspired by a more sustainable future, as Denmark is a global pioneer in green technology advancements. The red-tipped second-hand echoes the red tip on wind turbines, while the clean space around the dial represents the cleaner and greener environment that Nordgreen envisions for the future.

Plus, Nordgreen also offers refurbished watches, in an initiative to promote a circular economy whenever possible. Determined to not bow to industry trends and create excessive waste, they decided to instead re-use and re-sell used products. They take watches that have been used and sent back to them, fix them up to the same standard as a new watch, and sell them again (at lower prices that can cost up to 30% less) to find another home. All with the same two year warranty as new watches.

Use the code UNICORN35 for 35% off (valid from 21st November to 1st December 2020)

Customising online

Nordgreen’s versatile, minimal designs mean they can blend with any outfit and fit a variety of styles, gender expressions and aesthetics, while their customisation options mean you can choose exactly what works for you. You can choose between Nordgreen’s models, sizing of your choice, case and dial colours, and an array of strap options including metal, canvas, leather and vegan leather. You can even choose extra watch straps for an interchangeable accessory too. There are both pre-made bundles to choose from, or you can fully customise yourself for a more interactive experience, almost like being in a high-end store in real life. Each watch arrives in a presentation box, making storage and safety easy while also making your present look more sophisticated (and let’s be honest, making wrapping easier).

The Nordgreen I have is a refurbished Native, with a silver mesh strap and black dial. I’ve had it for a while now and still love it! I’m well known to wear a lot of colours, patterns and whatever strange secondhand treats I can get my hands on, and this watch goes with them all. It’s also lightweight, functional and super easy.

I’m certainly a fan, and I think anyone receiving a Nordgreen as a gift would be too. Beyond telling the time themselves, watches are timeless gifts that a recipient can actually use. A good quality watch can last for years to come, and the options to customise and add news straps mean that people can even continue to refresh these watches (if they choose to do so) without actually getting a whole new item every couple of years. Add the sustainability credentials and the giving back and you’ve got a gift with real heart and story behind it too, and who wouldn’t want that this holiday season?


Use the code UNICORN35 for 35% off (valid from 21st November to 1st December 2020). Just make sure to buy before the offer expires,and remember this is the largest discount you’ll be able to find online!