Hey all, I haven’t posted a recent reading post in a while now. When COVID hit I had a feeling that lots of people were consuming a lot of news media already, and didn’t need me to add to it.

Now that Black Lives Matter is getting the critical attention it needs I wanted to compile all the resources I’ve come across in recent days that may be helpful. This isn’t a clear cut list of books and documentaries to read (although you can find those lists on here too), but an array of things I’ve seen circulating online.

From opportunities to support Black business and diversify white industries, resources for allies and Black individuals who are running for office, here’s an ongoing list of all the information I’ve come across online that may be useful. There aren’t many articles from traditional media in here, as I trust many of you to find those yourselves, but things that could easily be missed if you’re not very active on Twitter or Instagram, for example. I hope it helps!

Opportunities & resources to support Black people

Fix the Glitch is offering free digital self-care and self-defence training and advice for Black Lives Matter activists and campaigners

7 mental health resources for Black people

Find out more about therapy for Black people in the UK here

The International OCD Foundation has released resources for the Black OCD community

Megha Mohan is offering advice for UK-based Black journalists at the start of their careers

Ione Wells is offering advice to any young Black aspiring journalist interested in political journalism

Autostraddle are taking pitches from QTBIPOC writers

Grace Adams’ is offering advice and guidance for Black people looking to get into the UK TV production industry

Andy Riley is running a year-long comedy writer mentoring scheme for new/newish POC/BAME writers. Application deadline 5th July!

Hrishikesh Hirway is offering advice to any Black people who want to make podcasts

Pineapple Street are also offering free one-on-one sessions for Black creators who want podcasting advice

Geoff Bisente is offering to help any POC voice actors put together their reels

Samin Nosrat is offering advice and connections to any Black people working in food who have been contacted by TV producers or agents

Adrienne Erickson is reading scripts from Black screenwriters (her DMs are currently closed but will reopen when she finishes the first round!)

Support Black creatives & business

Wonderful suggestion thread of romance novels from Black authors (check the replies for more recs too!) 

Lots of replies to this tweet with further recommendations of happy books written by Black authors in multiple genres

Portobello Bookshop in Edinburgh have created a list of Black LGBTQ+ authors

Hannah Witton has a list of books by Black writers here too (multiple genres – includes trans, ace, HIV positive and queer character representation)

UK specific list of black-owned bookshops/publishers/outlets

List of black-owned bookstores

And more black-owned bookstores

Support Write About Now, who regularly feature Black/BIPOC poets

Black artists to support here, here, here and here (all individual artists tagged)

Black interior designers to support here

This instagram account celebrates POC in print media

The Criterion Channel are highlighting films that focus on Black Lives, and have taken down the paywall on as many titles as possible

Tambay Obenson shares 10 films to watch in support of Black liberation

TIFF’s thread on Black female filmmakers

Thread of Black people in STEM to follow

And a list of Black American journalists/commentators to follow here

Lots of wonderful Black creatives in this thread!

A thread of Black-owned candle companies

100+ Black-owned wellness businesses

14 Black-owned vegan and cruelty-free beauty brands

Charity stream: 24/7 hip hop with all revenue donated to Black Lives Matter

Learn More

Why saying all lives matter is wrong

Documentaries about racism in the UK

List of books about British racism here

Another UK based racism reading list here

Thread on UK racism

Google drive full of critical race theory resources and readings

Thread of children’s books that discuss race/racism

Follow The Conscious Kid to learn more on antiracist parenting

Comprehensive list of anti-racism resources for white people

A thread that destoys the ‘Black on Black’ crime argument, which is a myth

Clint Smith’s thread on some places to start to learn about police/prison abolition

Comprehensive google doc with resources for learning about abolition here

Reply All made a podcast about the issues in the NYPD

Free e-book on police violence and racism here

A thread on what abolishing the police could look like

Josie Duffy Rice talks about how many white people already live in police/prison free worlds and how that looks

Thread on the history of Fred Hampton and COINTELPRO

Robin Thede talks on the systemic changes that need to happen beyond the police

A white doctor talks about the systemic racism in medicine and why Black people aren’t believed

A UK history teacher’s perspective on how to effectively improve Black history in schools

History professor explains the background on Bristol trying to take down Colston’s statue for decades

Sign the petition to replace the statue with Paul Stephenson, who led the 1963 Bristol Bus Boycott

Learn more about the Bristol Bus Boycott here

Understanding racial gaslighting

How to be actively antiracist

Black Lives Matter is not a trend


Master thread of actions to support Black Lives Matter (links to comprehensive resources for other countries too)

Support The Black Curriculum in their mission to teach Black history in UK schools

UK centric responses to Black Lives Matter (includes both activism and a directory of black owned businesses)

Petitions applying to the UK will not be considered if they’re on change.org. Here’s a list of those on petition.parliment

Thread of UK lawyers assisting Black Lives Matter protestors pro bono here

Ten steps to non-optical allyship

Tips for protesting in a hijab

How workplaces can be better environments for Black employees

Racism in influencer marketing and solutions

75 things white people can do for racial justice


(In addition to the options listed above in various support resources)

Fundraiser for Darnella Frazier, who documented George Floyd’s murder

Mutual aid fund for sex workers of colour

Organisations that support Black trans people

Thread: black trans funds and organisations

Support political change

Charles Booker is running for Senate to defeat Mitch Mcconnell – follow him here and donate if you can!

Jabari Brisport is running for Senate in New York – follow and donate here!

And Trayvon Martin’s mum is running for Miami-Dade County Commissioner – follow her and donate!


And, finally, for some light relief: enjoy this video of racist statues pulled down set to Enya