I just want to take a moment for a quick disclaimer on this gift guide.

While this is named as a gift guide for men, I want to be clear that these gifts are of course also great options for anyone who is trans, non-binary, genderfluid, gender non-conforming, genderqueer or any other gender identity you may prefer. These gift suggestions are generally for anyone who enjoys masculine iterations of gender expression, but they are of course open to anyone. Gender is a social construct, so you do you and enjoy whatever you like!

And, hopefully, these gifts can be enjoyed by the people you love in your life, whoever they may be.

Alta Andina

Alta Andina crafts products that are made using natural and recycled materials and driven by a commitment to conserve the traditions and heritage of the Andean region.

Alta Andina’s products are all sourced and manufactured within their local Andean supply chain. Leather products often bounce between the eastern and western hemisphere several times in a global manufacturing process before they’re purchased. By sourcing and manufacturing everything within one local supply chain, Alta Andina offers an alternative with a carbon footprint that is 90% lower.

This catchall is made from full-grain leather that is vegetable-tanned with natural tannins, providing a better option to mainstream leather tanned with toxic chemicals. It is also ethically handmade by a local husband and wife duo with over 35 years experience in craftsmanship and artisan work. It’s designed to help declutter and organise the home; it can fit several phones, and is large enough for tablets too, making it ideal for storing loose items or for managing your electronics. Plus, it’s also backed by Alta Andina’s lifetime warranty.



Solios was created as an alternative to the mainstream fashion model that values low quality, short term products through the creation of state of the art, solar-powered watches. The average lifetime of a watch battery is two years. Instead, Solios’ solar-powered movement will last a lifetime, with two hours of sun exposure providing six months of power. This simple production switch eliminates the production of 20 batteries per watch, and it’s estimated that if every quartz watch used a solar-powered movement, we could eliminate 300 million batteries from production.

Beyond this, each Solios is sustainably made with materials that are built to last, packaging is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, and it’s waterproof too.

Plus, they also partner with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the David Suzuki Foundation to give back to people and planet.

MY TOP PICK: the Gamma watch in rose gold

Brothers We Stand

Brothers We Stand is an online marketplace that was set up to provide ethical and sustainable menswear options, all in one place. They provide a curated collection that mixes styles, price and ethical credentials, and each brand that they stock undergoes extensive research to ensure it meets their standards. Products must have a positive social or environmental impact that sets them apart  (learn more here) and Ethical Consumer has awarded Brothers We Stand with their best buy label for the level of supply chain transparency provided at the point of sale.

From organic certifications and recycling waste materials to durable design and worker rights, each garment comes with a footprint breakdown that outlines its manufacture, alongside areas that could be improved. Brothers We Stand aim to be as transparent as possible, while also working alongside brands to help them continue to improve. Achieving a fully ethical and sustainable supply chain can be a process, but every product has to have clearly demonstrated a positive impact on people or planet. They require their brands to share each step of the supply chain with them, alongside evidence of the added value their processes or suppliers offer to communities and the environment.

When it comes to the customer, they also curate a range of styles and brands to meet a wide variety of tastes and preferences, helping you find something for everyone.

MY TOP PICK: Idioma organic beketto sweatshirt

Survival International

Survival International, formed in 1969, works in partnership with Indigenous and tribal peoples to protect their lives and land, aiming to put a stop to racism, land theft, forced development and genocidal violence. They stop loggers, miners, and oil companies from destroying tribal lands, they lobby governments to recognise Indigenous land rights, and they document and expose atrocities committed against tribal people and take direct action to stop them.

All proceeds from Christmas gift shop are used fighting for the survival of tribal peoples worldwide. Their Bay Rum & Tequila grooming set is also vegan-friendly and free from SLS parabens. It comes with a shaving brush, solid shaving soap and a beard oil containing sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and organic argan oil.


Glow & See

Glow’s unisex, multifunctional range of light-reflective accessories are designed for conscious city-dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts. Uniquely poised at the intersection of athleisure and traditional safety-wear, their pieces are stylish, functional and sustainable, while also promoting road safety at night.

Glow’s ethically made snoods, beanies and headbands are made from wool with a unique glass fibre yarn woven into it, making them quick-wicking, breathable and light-responsive, to keep you safe during the darker months and uniquely stylish too.


Gung Ho London

London based Gung Ho Design’s ethical and sustainable pieces combine high quality with deeper meaning. Each design is based on an environmental issue, and with each purchase, Gung Ho donates to a corresponding charity working with this cause. Each item also comes with a minizine explaining the issue within the print, its importance and what you can do to help, equipping you for conversation when you receive a compliment on what you’re wearing.

MY TOP PICK: the classic bee sweatshirt. With every purchase £5 is donated to charities working with endangered British bees.


After spending fifteen years working in candle and home fragrance ranges, the team behind wxy decided to create a cleaner, better and fairer product. Their hand-poured candles are made in the UK, contain no animal materials or parabens, use 100% plant based, palm oil-free wax, and utilise recyclable materials wherever possible while avoiding plastic. Also, with every purchase 3% of profits are given to charity.

MY TOP PICK: the dark candle, with a teakwood and vetiver scent.

Divine & Handmade

Divine & Handmade create high-quality vegan, cruelty-free, natural skincare. Each product is lovingly handmade using traditional techniques, whilst also striving to be as conscious as possible at all times.

My top picks include the natural reed diffuser, which is vegan and enclosed in a recycled glass bottle. The scent is made from blended high quality organic essential oils for low maintenance, long-lasting, calming home fragrance that can last up to 3 months.

I also love this dead sea bath soak, which combines ethically-sourced Dead Sea Salts, activated charcoal, lavender and rosemary essential oils. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and hand-blended in the UK, and is designed to cleanse, calm, detox and encourage sleep.

Beacon & Armour

Established in 2018, Beacon & Armour are a brand inspired by heritage and stories of the past. Their unisex jumpers are spun from local, 100% British wool, are ethically made in Great Britain, and are designed to last a lifetime. Their unique backpacks are also made in Britain from upcycled tarpaulin provided by J.R. Adams, a British trucking company based in Newcastle.



SKNFED began as a response to the lack of truly natural and effective skincare products on the high street. Their natural, organic products are vegan and cruelty-free, handmade in the UK, and designed to enrich, nourish and protect the skin whilst remaining gentle and effective.

MY TOP PICK: organic face moisturiser for men

Joy Everley

Joy Everley Fine Jewellery is a family jeweller combining craftsmanship and ethics. Not only do they work hard to be as fair trade and sustainable as possible, but each piece sold through BuyMeOnce comes with a lifetime guarantee. While they don’t expect anything to break, they gladly offer repairs if needed.

MY TOP PICK: the signet ring which can also be personalised with a design of your choice.

Plastic-free shaving kit

Naked Necessities was created out of a passion to help everyone move to a zero waste lifestyle through innovative everyday products which reduce the need for single-use plastic. Their eco-friendly shaving products are designed to make low waste living easy, and all postage and packaging is plastic-free too.

This shaving kit includes an eco-friendly metal razor, a pack of five blades, and natural shaving soap that is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and palm oil-free.


Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse create uniquely crafted accessories and luggage from ultra-durable reclaimed materials such as decommissioned fire hose salvaged from British Fire Brigades, luxury leather off-cuts and auction-banners. Each of these materials is upcycled into items such as bags, wallets and belts. They also offer free lifetime repairs on their products, regardless of warranty.

MY TOP PICK: torpedo cufflinks

Cano Shoes

Cano’s huaraches utilise a fully transparent supply chain model, including a scannable NFC-tag that traces its raw suppliers and artisans, viewable via their app. The leather they use is a byproduct from local wide-open farms. It is also vegetable-tanned without chromium, and all products are ethically and slowly made in Sahuajo, Mexico.



Finisterre is a Cornwall based brand designing functional and sustainable products for those that share a love of the sea. Sustainability is a core part of their DNA, and they aim to make each item and durable as possible and minimise environmental impact wherever they can.

MY TOP PICKS: the dene bumbag, which is made from leftover fabric from Finisterre’s jackets, the Mizu + Finisterre insulated mug and Backwash Magazine, an independent surf anthology raising a flag for the North Atlantic and the North Sea.

House of Marley

The House of Marley focuses on superior quality, sustainability and a commitment to charitable causes, in particular using proceeds from product sales to support global reforestation through Project Marley. Their conscious identity was created in collaboration with the Marley family to carry on Bob Marley’s legacy of love for music and planet, and so far they’ve contributed to the planting of 168,000 trees.

Beyond this, their headphones and speakers are crafted from sustainable materials such as carbon positive bamboo, aluminium, stainless steel, recycled silicone, recycled plastic and REWIND™ fabric made from reclaimed organic cotton, reclaimed hemp and recycled PET.


For the Love of Men

Liz Plank’s book investigates toxic masculinity and offers actionable steps for being a man in the modern world. This insightful, and deeply-researched guide may not be the lightest reading, but it is leading the conversation on what we’re all going to do about toxic masculinity. If you have anyone in your life that are looking to explore and redefine masculinity in healthier terms, this is a good place to begin.



Patagonia’s sustainability credentials are well known, as they both strive to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, while also donating at least 1% of sales to help hundreds of grassroots environmental organisations around the world.

MY TOP PICK: these fleece gloves made with bluesign® approved recycled polyester and low impact dyes.

Thought Clothing

Thought clothing is a collection of ethical and sustainable fashion pieces. They use materials such as bamboo, cotton, tencel, and hemp, all sourced responsibly and free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Their designs take inspiration from nature and are proud supporters of slow fashion by designing pieces to last.

MY TOP PICK: This natural boxer set

Frank Horn

Frank Horn is an East London-based brand offering a selection of goods that are handmade in London with vegetable-tanned leather and produced in small batches.

Frank Horn was founded by Uzo Okwuosa, a self-taught artisan, in 2015 after he was inspired by a trip to Nigeria. Each design emphasises timelessness, durability and functionality, whilst also offering a bespoke service.


SPONSORED POST DISCLAIMER: this post contains paid features from some brands. I already had relationships with the brands featured and believed in what they were doing. I would never recommend something I don’t love myself, all editorial decisions my own.