Hey folks, it’s been a while! What a whirlwind few months, but here’s what I’ve been reading recently that I found interesting, and hopefully you will too.

White supremacy, the patriarchy, politics & privilege

Silicon valley billionaires keep getting richer, no matter how much money they give away. This backs up everything I’ve said about how taxation MUST replace philanthropyVox

This general election we must tear down the tory governmentGal Dem

Dear young tories, you are not oppressedGal Dem

Meet the Red Deal: an Indigenous climate plan that builds upon the Green New DealTeen Vogue

The story of an Indigenous community’s resistanceGal Dem

The story of the protests in Chile – Teen Vogue

Teens on Tik Tok are perpetuating racist stereotypes unknowinglyQuartz

UK football has a racism problem – Gal Dem

What happens after people come forward about sexual assaultThe Cut

Why we need to talk about racism within students’ unionsGal Dem

The internet is becoming less freeVox

myths about the Latinx community, debunkedGal Dem

‘Just because you don’t like a piece of information or it makes you look bad, doesn’t mean you get to call it fake.’ Meet the journalism organisation trying to trademark the term fake news so Trump stops using itTeen Vogue

Are live tv and radio debates worth it for women of colour?Gal Dem

9 young people on how they found out they are intersexTeen Vogue

Why we need to take flashing more seriouslyGal Dem


A stark reminder that climate breakdown is already hurting those in the Global South, here’s Delhi’s smog in photosThe Atlantic

Fracking has been halted in the UK!The Guardian

This energy breakthrough could store solar power for decadesBloomberg

Over 1000 google employees demand the company commit to net zero emissions by 2030Vox

This piece about ‘climate sad bois’, aka liberal male writers who’ve decided they have something to say about climate, is greatThe Nation


The women of colour leading the way in slow fashionGal Dem

Emma Watson is on the cover of Vogue’s December issue, she checked the sustainability of everything she wore for her cover shoot using the Good On You appVogue


Proximity to water, especially being by the sea, is proven to be better for our mental healthThe Guardian

The sequel to Call Me By Your Name is here, I found this interview with author André Aciman really interestingThe Atlantic

Are your period tracking apps exploiting your personal data?Gal Dem

‘How we remember Fawkes, as both a person and a symbol, presents a case study for how the meaning of historical events can be bent to serve the religious, political, and cultural needs of the present. But it also presents a fundamental question about how much is too much historical alteration. By turning people into symbols, do we run the risk of changing them into someone they weren’t?’ This piece on the legacy of Guy Fawkes was fascinating – The Atlantic

The sinister rise in ‘healthy snacking’Refinery29

Eating alone is bad for mental health and the planetQuartz

Coconut water isn’t actually that healthyQuartz