So much to read, so little time. I understand there is a lot going on at the moment, and it’s all happening at simultaneously. If you feel up to it, read on and learn more. I’ve included a selection below of recent pieces I’ve read to guide some of that process.

If you feel helpless with all the current information coming out across the world, I recommend focusing on action by joining your local environmental/social justice activism group, signing up to Extinction Rebellion (whose next actions begin October 7th), or signing up for the free course on soil health (open until September 18th) for some strong hope and optimism.

Until then, recent reading:

White supremacy, the patriarchy, politics & privilege

Why aren’t we hearing from Indigenous voices as the Amazon burns?gal-dem

A complete history of Bolsonaro’s horrible policiesgal-dem

The Cherokee Nation Nominated a Delegate to CongressTeen Vogue

There’s fresh hope for the future of Sudangal-dem

Kashmir student action is taking a standgal-dem

Justin Welby apologised for Amritsar, it’s unlikely UK politicians willThe Guardian

Meet the politicians giving us lifegal-dem

Domestic violence still isn’t being taken seriouslyRefinery29

But the first FGM clinics opened in England to support survivorsRefinery29

Why I quit yoga as a South Asian womangal-dem

How female scientists are impacted by implicit biasVox

Why women with autism aren’t taken seriouslyRefinery29

Why are white people threatened when people of colour form a friendship group?gal-dem

‘By stigmatising a style with such history and advocating for locs to be cut they sever the ties between black people and their own culture’. This piece on natural hair and people of colour is an important readgal-dem

People of colour aren’t donating their organs, this needs to changegal-dem

Sam Smith came out as non-binaryTeen Vogue

Why Bi pride matters (this includes important explainers on biphobia and bi-erasure) – gal-dem

Indya Moore’s red carpet look honoured murdered trans women of colourVogue

America’s gun problem, explainedVox

The man who tweeted death threats at Beto O’Rourke is pro-life (yikes) – Vice

And America could learn from the way Germany deals with Nazi memorials: it doesn’t have anyThe Atlantic

California cracks down on the gig economyVox

The price of being fatTeen Vogue

How far have we really come for fat acceptance?Teen Vogue


Amazon workers are striking on September 20th in protest of company practices that contribute to the climate crisis Quartz (to support their efforts, join the boycott movement here)

Where 2020 candidates stand on climateGrist

TIME devoted an entire issue to climateGrist

Why destroying the Amazon is so profitableVox

The climate crisis could create 1.5 billion refugees by 2050Vice

What going vegan for the environment means for my eating disorderTeen Vogue

Are we doing enough to prevent human extinction?Vox

The Anthropocene is a joke The Atlantic

More on the case to reduce (or stop) flyingThe Atlantic


Forever 21 is looking at filing for bankruptcyVox

The beauty industry has a palm oil problemRefinery29


We need more representation for autistic people of colourgal-dem

SNL finally hired an Asian cast memberTeen Vogue

They also unfortunately hired Shane Gillis, whose history of racism and misogyny means he is most definitely THE WORSTVulture

This Caroline Calloway essay took the internet by stormThe Cut

Prompting this piece, which examines the complex ethics of posting memoirs online – gal-dem

Netflix’s Dark Crystal prequel finds hope amid social collapse. With puppets.Vox

Joker is a dangerous movieRefinery29

But Hustlers is a really really good movie! – Vox