Well hi gang, it’s been a while since I shared some recent reading with you. The main reason was, in an attempt to help others feel less overwhelmed, I got really overwhelmed. Trying to take in so much news coincided with things going on in my real life and it all got a bit too much. But now things have calmed a little (and I have a great therapist), so I’m bringing recent reading back. I won’t post these too often, but hopefully they’re helpful.

White supremacy, the patriarchy, politics & privilege

Firstly, a quick update on Sudan, who signed a power-sharing deal after the protests and violence of recent months. The deal is intended to bring democratic elections to the country in three years, read more about it on Vox here.

Native Hawaiians are fighting to protect Maunakea from the construction of a new telescope, this piece delves into the protest’s history and gives links to petitions to sign. Please sign them and support the voices of Indigenous people! – Vox

A more recent article is also available hereThe Guardian

‘If Trump’s bullying was working, we’d be seeing a Congress made up of more and more white men. We’re not’Harper’s Bazaar

More and more Americans are turning against Trump’s viewsThe Atlantic

How white women’s “investment” in slavery has shaped America todayVox

Planned Parenthood leaves federal funding programVox

Emma Watson launched a legal advice line for people experiencing sexual harassment at work in the UKVogue

Anti-feminist websites are the breeding ground for the far-right – Refinery29

The British press needs to stop misgendering peopleGal-Dem

More than five years later the NYPD officer involved in Eric Garner’s death has been firedVox

Rolling out stop and search across the UK is a terrible ideaGal-Dem

As is putting stories in chicken boxes to fight knife crime. I mean… seriously? FUND YOUTH AND COMMUNITY SERVICES. – Gal-Dem

In the wake of mass shootings, Lady Gaga promises to fund all project needs in 162 classrooms in Gilroy, California; Dayton, Ohio; and El PasoVogue

Where every 2020 candidate stands on gunsVox

“It’s really important for folks to understand that labor trafficking is far more prevalent than sex trafficking” and other reasons why the Epstein case is not the norm for human traffickingVox

Hong Kong’s protests have cemented its identityThe Atlantic

Universal basic income, explainedTeen Vogue

I was sceptical of unions, and then I joined oneVox


The Amazon is on fire and it’s really, really bad. (read more about how to protect the rainforest here). – Vice

The Bangladeshi Supreme Court has given all rivers in the country legal rights (while this isn’t perfect and comes with its challenges, it is setting a new precedent. Time to support ecocide law to make it easier to enforce) – Vox

Paper straws are also not good for the environmentThe Atlantic

In the latest addition of toxic masculinity in overdrive: men aren’t recycling because they think it looks gay – Gal – Dem


Check out Vogue’s Forces For Change work here, curated by Meghan Markle – Vogue

Whitney Bauck went inside the denim factory that sustainable brands loveFashionista

And profiled the ‘knitting monk’ and others using slow fashion as a spiritual practiceFashionista


Why is Joe Rogan so popular?The Atlantic

Teen TV needs more stories about boys of colour, and new show David Makes Man is paving the wayVox

What Young LGBTQIA People of Color Are Saying About Pose Season 2 – Teen Vogue

Anyone else cry at the trailer for Little Women? – Harper’s Bazaar

If you didn’t, you definitely will thanks to this trailer for A Hidden LifeVulture

The ‘hot priest summer’ on Tik Tok is my favourite thing right now. I loved reading every word of this! – Vice

Please enjoy this deep dive into the stardom and universal likability of Keanu Reeves. As someone who also wholeheartedly adores him, I LOVED reading this. – Vox