This post was sponsored by Lüks Linen, a brand whose pieces I’ve been using for nearly two years. All thoughts my own.

Everyone has a different approach when it comes to a conscious closet and a sustainable home. Some go down the second hand route and become thrifting pros, some take on structures like a capsule wardrobe, some move away from trends and look for timelessness instead. Most of us combine elements of all of these choices; as we move away from unsustainable and unethical mass consumption, and towards products that are high quality, low impact and longer lasting. The more I’ve followed these movements and written about them, the more I always find myself returning to two key points over and over again: durability and versatility.

Beyond the obvious sustainable credentials of durability, for me it also makes sense when it comes to making life easier. When I know something is going to last, whatever it may be, I know that I don’t have to worry about that item for a really long time. It’s not going to suddenly fall apart, giving me the added hassle of trying to replace it quickly, and it’s not going to go out of style. Add versatility to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect design. If a product is going to last forever and also perform multiple functions, that streamlines not only my mental space, but my physical space too. Instead of having three items, having one that does three things is easier, cheaper, and perfect for anyone who loves minimalism.

This is why I love Lüks Linen. My friends over at BuyMeOnce first introduced me to their products over 18 months ago due to their durable design, so imagine how delighted I was to discover that their peshtemals are also designed to be multi-functional. They can be used as a throw, scarf, towel, wrap, sarong, knotted bag, table cloth, or anything else you could think of. It’s the perfect combination.

Recognise these scarves? That’s because normally these peshtemals are throws on my sofas!

Sustainable & circular design

Lüks Linen are also well known for their sustainable and ethical practices. They source from the two most renowned cotton growing regions in Turkey; Denizli in the South West and Hatay in the South. They then produce locally, reducing transportation needs and their carbon footprint, by partnering with ethical family-run ateliers who spin, dye and weave the cotton in the area it was cultivated (you can see exactly who their makers are here). Lüks Linen’s goal is not only to produce products that are conscious and beautifully crafted, but to support these local industries and keep businesses alive despite the rise of mass production, making way for the next generations to get involved in the family business too.

Many of Lüks Linen’s products are completely handmade which, aside from the better approach that slow fashion encapsulates, has a major impact on the quality. Machine manufacturing can put more stress and tension on cotton yarn, as fast working machines generate heat that weakens the fibres, which can result in poor quality, stiffer fabric. Meanwhile shuttle or semi-automatic weaving is a slower and more gentle process which preserves the strength and quality of the fibres, and produces a softer product that will last longer. Some products are completely handwoven, and some are produced using semi-automatic looms or computer aided design techniques, but they are always sourced from small batch suppliers, not mass manufacturing factories, with some products taking up to two weeks to craft. The method of production is always outlined in the product description and each design is circular; these products are made from completely natural fibres meaning that when/if they reach the end of their lives they can return back to the earth.

Beyond this Lüks Linen also manage most of their work online rather than using paper, their packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials, and they are on the way to becoming a certified organic and fully sustainable company.

Why peshtemals are perfect for me

One of the other marked differences with Lüks Linen products is how steeped they are in tradition and cultural heritage. All of their products are named by the ateliers from which they originate. These names often are inspired by Turkish children both belonging to the families themselves (for example The Kümsal which was named after one of the weaver’s daughters) and those from the local community. Other products have inherited the honorary namesake of their creators, so each comes with a rich lineage and personality.

The peshtemals in particular have an interesting design past. They’re a traditional Turkish towel that was often given as a wedding gift and used in Turkish baths; over the years their simplistic, lightweight and versatile nature has led to them becoming extremely popular. It’s not hard to understand why.

I have three peshtemals which I absolute adore. Two, the Voyage and Bergama peshtemals, usually reside in my living room (although evidently they do make an appearance as scarves), adding decoration but also ready at a moments notice if you need to wrap one around yourself for extra warmth. The other, a Cemille peshtemal that I’ve had since 2017, is my most trusted travel companion. I have tried and tested this peshtemal, and I absolutely won’t travel without it now. When you’re travelling as light as I do it’s perfect as you can wear it as a scarf to the airport or train station, then unfold it into a travel blanket to keep you snug. In hotter climates it becomes a beach towel for your bum, or a regular bathroom towel if you’re really travelling light (I’ve done this on tour before), in cooler climates it can be a scarf or can unfurl into a throw to wrap around your shoulders for shelter. There’s nothing I haven’t used it for, and I can’t imagine my life without it. And even after all that, it looks and performs as good as new. It’s incredibly strong and is easily machine washable, and so far there are zero signs of wear and tear. It really is as durable as it is versatile.

I know that, upon first glance, Lüks Linen’s handwoven products may have a slightly higher price point than a cheap item from the high street, but I think it’s rightly justified. True workmanship, time and unmatched skill goes into creating each of these items, and you can tell. Their creations are literally designed to last a lifetime, coming with a 20 year repair or replace guarantee, meaning that they’re well worth their cost as time goes on. Add to that that they’re actually about ten items in once and you’re actually saving a ton of money and mental space by opting for one wonder product over several cheaper, slightly sub par, alternatives.

Whether you’re a die hard minimalist, a frequent traveller, or someone who just wants to streamline their stuff, you really can’t go wrong with Lüks Linen. I can’t begin to explain how much easier these peshtemals have made life for me; it’s the scarf I wear all winter, the lightweight towel that doesn’t need to go in a suitcase, the throw that keeps your house cosy. It’s literally everything I need, all in one.