It’s been a good while since I wrote about natural, non toxic beauty here on the blog. While I didn’t pay much thought to beauty growing up (and maybe thank goodness because the noughties were not the one for many a trend), it’s something I’ve really grown to enjoy and appreciate in recent years. If Jonathan Van Ness has taught us one thing this year, it’s that it’s nice to take a moment to look after our bodies, and it’s important to extend the love and attention you’d give to others to yourself too. I also really enjoy the routine of it, and the fun of trying out new products and seeing how they work. I’m 25 and still look like a teenager, so I may as well milk it for as long as possible and have some fun along the way.

I know I’m not the only one who really enjoys a bit of sustainable beauty content now and again, and as the sun starts to fade and the weather changes again I knew it was the time to give myself a bit of extra care. So when KindLook, a beauty subscription box specialising in vegan and cruelty free products, reached out to me and offered to send a box for free, it seemed like perfect timing. Their mission is to bring compassionate brands to a larger audience while providing great value in every box, so I was definitely keen to learn more.

Whilst animal testing was banned in the UK twenty years ago, any brands who sell in China are still testing on animals, as animal testing is required by law in order to sell to their market. KindLook was therefore keen to go beyond brands who use the term ‘cruelty free’ while still testing on animals elsewhere, searching far and wide to bring the highest quality products and ethical alternatives to our high street beauty purchases. They curate a mix of products ranging from make-up and skincare to hair, bath and body items, meaning there’s always a variety of things to try out.

Their monthly boxes cost around £20-£25, but have an average value of £70 and contain at least five beauty items, two of which are always full sized, alongside the occasional sachet and sample that finds its way in as an extra. Beyond vegan and cruelty free they also do their best to find products that are sustainably produced, recyclable, organic, supplied through fair trade, non-GMO, and free from parabens. And they ship internationally too!

You can order each month’s box up until the last day of the previous month, for example you can order October’s box until the last day of September, and you’ll never get the same product twice in a twelve month period (unless it makes its way in as an extra surprise). KindLook constantly varies the brands they include, giving you the chance to try a ton of different products and keeping each month an exciting treat. So whether you’re just learning about cruelty free and want to get started somewhere, or you’ve got a vegan friend with a birthday coming up, KindLook may be just the right option for you

So what’s inside?

My box came with five totally different items, with a total value of around £97. The items were:

CHOBS UK Centella Asiatica Serum

A serum designed to moisturise and nourish skin; it’s packed with Centella Asiatica leaves (a type of herb native to Asia), chamomile flower water and Houttuynia cordata extract (a type of flower native to Asia). These ingredients work together to calm skin and keep it firm and radiant. The ingredients are 98% organic, and this serum is designed to help problem skin and to keep complexions healthy, clean and balanced. It’s made in South Korea, so is a more sustainable way to get involved in the Korean skincare love, and is certified COSMOS organic. It’s less watery than other serums I’ve used before, meaning you really only need a small amount, and I’ve been loving using it daily to keep my skin calm.

Thesis Mermaid’s Cheek Face Mask

This organic natural face mask is perfect for oily and problem skin, as it gently restores balance and calm to the face whilst regulating sebum production, especially in the T zone. It’s made with a blend of the purest premium variety of French green clay which is free from substitutes and cheap fillers, kaolin clay, organic sea kelp, organic spinach, organic chlorella and organic aloe. It’s full of proteins, minerals and vitamins which boost tissue regeneration, curb blemishes and deeply hydrate, making it perfect for drawing out impurities, fighting blemishes, encouraging blood circulation and reducing inflammation. I like to do a face mask about once a week, and this has become a firm favourite.

P’URE Papaya Lips

As Autumn settles in our skin and lips may need a little extra protection from wind and cold. This P’URE papaya ointment combines Australian organic fermented papaya (also known as paw paw) with the moisturising powerhouses of shea butter, calendula, jojoba oil and macadamia oil. The result is a 100% natural lip balm that soothes and moisturises, whilst also protecting lips with a naturally derived candelilla wax. It smells divine, is palm oil free and contains no petroleum or preservatives. Just the good stuff.

Zao Nail Polish

Many water based organic nail polishes chip and flake easily, so Zao created a formula that replicates the quality of traditional nail polish, minus the toxic chemicals. The result is an effective and long lasting polish that doesn’t risk our health. I love this deep purple shade, I’ve had it on for a week now and it definitely performs the same as non organic nail polish. It’s also gluten free, which is pretty nifty!

Flawless Blending Brush

This brush is made with sustainable bamboo, and its incredibly soft bristles are designed to blend eyeshadows effortlessly. It’s perfectly portable and lightweight, and ideal for using with any palette. The bristles are synthetic, which is about as sustainable as make up brushes can get at the moment, so make sure to take good care of it to keep it lasting as long as possible.

All in all, exploring the contents in this box was a good bit of fun and a great way to learn more about the world of cruelty free beauty. And at such great value for money, I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another to treat someone in future.

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Photos by Teegan Egerton