This post was sponsored by the lovely folks at grünBAG, all thoughts my own.

You might recognise this backpack by now. I know my friends do; just about every person I’ve encountered whilst wearing this has asked me about it, and I’ve been wearing it non stop for the last month. Since this backpack came into my life we’ve been almost inseparable. I’ve travelled between Japan, London, Newcastle, Leeds and Cornwall over the last few months, and my backpack has been with me every step of the way. And everywhere I have gone, the conversations around this bag have followed.

Honestly I think people are a little surprised. At this point I have a bit of a ~reputation~ as the ethical fashion girl, so when people see me with such a high quality, beautiful piece that completely fits the London aesthetic (black), it seems like a contradiction to the lingering idea that sustainable fashion can’t be stylish. While I think this notion is finally starting to die, it still takes a moment to compute that something that looks this good could actually be good for the planet too.

Danish sustainable brand grünBAG have not only proven this to be possible, I think they’ve designed the ultimate durable bag.

I know you know what I’m talking about. Backpacks, as roomy and convenient and good for your back as they are, are a total nightmare. Just as you get your tetris-style system for getting everything neatly in there perfected, they start to break. Seams come apart, holes appear, straps come off. Whether you’re travelling, a student, or just have a heavy book at the moment, it’s always the same. But not this backpack.

I originally listed grünBAG’s black backpack in my sustainable Spring favourites about a month ago, and I can now confidently confirm that the love I declared then has only gotten stronger. These bags are durable as heck. Thanks to a wonderful bit of innovative thinking they’re created from recycled industrial materials. In particular mine is made mainly with recycled truck tarpaulin, alongside a velcro fastening and straps and clips made from recycled plastic. Their other upcycled bags are made from an amazing range of recycled materials sourced from lifeboats, seat belts, plastic bottles, boat sails, bigbags and commercial banners, diverting an incredible amount of materials from landfill.

When it comes to manufacture, each bag is ethically hand sewn in Denmark by a team of three women, and grünBAG also offer repairs if it ever gets to the point where a bag may need some. I don’t think my backpack ever will however, as tarpaulin is incredibly strong, rip resistant, stain resistant, water resistant and flexible. Over the past few months of very regular use this bag is still in impeccable condition, has consistently protected my stuff from rain, and has held more than I even thought possible. The velcro fastening makes it super adjustable, and it really is incredibly roomy in there.

And also, it just goes with everything.

Whilst the sustainability and ethics behind grünBAG are impeccable, the main thing to note here is they look really darn good. There doesn’t have to be a sacrifice when it comes to shopping sustainably when there are companies out there creating designs that are just as beautiful as they are conscious. This bag is minimal yet urban, adaptable to any environment, and flexible to any outfit. Dress it up, dress it down, it’s sleek and smart enough to fit into any situation, as well as fitting everything you need to bring with you inside. But best of all, it’s not going anywhere. Not only are you taking waste out of landfill, you’re keeping it out, as I wouldn’t be surprised if this bag lives longer than I do. In fact, I think grünBAG may have created the most long lasting sustainable backpack on the market.

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