Something a little different today, I was on a podcast for the very first time. The lovely Meg from Kiss That World reached out to me about coming on her show as a guest after reading some of my recent posts, and I was more than happy to get on board. Like every other person in their twenties, I love podcasts, and Kiss That World is one I especially adore. Meg has interviewed a variety of sustainable and eco experts for the series so far, so I feel truly honoured to be included among such great company.

In this episode we talk art, sustainability and social justice (of course) as well as building on my post around cultural appropriation, white fragility and trying to be better. Of course neither of us are perfect, but we do try and have open discussion about ways we can improve and try and move society forward.

I hope you enjoy! You can listen below, or grab the episode on Itunes or Google Play.


Photo of myself & my poet collaborator Madi taken by Hope Curran