Do you grow your own plants? If so, why not make use of what you already have this Christmas and gift some offcuts to help people start their own little garden? If you don’t have offcuts, you can also buy some small plants or herbs super easily and package them up to look extra special when you gift them. With so many beautiful pieces of crockery floating around in charity shops, it’s easy to turn them into something super beautiful and natural, while barely spending a penny.

I grabbed these containers from a friend who wasn’t using them to create a cute lil habitat while these plants are still small, and these two plants cost me all of £1.99. Cheapy cheap! If you’re giving something like a succulent or a herb it can probably live in this kind of container for life, if your chosen plants grow larger, make sure to tell your recipients to repot them in larger containers when the time comes! Essentially, gift them to someone with a little more of a green thumb if they’re more complex.

What you need:

  • containers of your choice
  • plants of your choice
  • small stones
  • activated charcoal

What to do:

  • put a layer of small stones in your teacup, to create a drainage layer just like our terrariums
  • cover with a thin layer of activated charcoal
  • Put your plant in container, compacting with soil. You should have enough in the original pot, as these containers are small, but top up with potting soil if necessary.

Pretty easy, but so fancy looking right? It’s sneaky like that, and they’re so cute!

Until tomorrow, stay magic y’all.