My favourite fashion picks for the holiday season was a toughie this year, as I’ve come across so many brands who I now know and love this year. But honestly, I think it’s good to sometimes just keep it simple, and this advent I’ve gotta throw a little extra love to Know The Origin. I wrote about this wonderful ethical, sustainable fashion brand earlier in the year, but I’m happy to say that since then they’ve added more beautiful pieces to their collection.

Know The Origin proudly say you can trace their chain from seed to garment, and their ethical and transparency credentials are lengthy. They use fairtrade organic cotton, and dye in a zero waste unit using Oeko-Tex & GOTS certified dyes. Their clothes are GOTS and FLO certified, whilst employees are treated well and paid above living wage, with benefits such medical insurance and pensions, and some are represented by Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU). Their website breaks down every stage of production, explaining the process, people involved and policy operated by KTO, making them an incredibly transparent brand.

Since I last visited this brand they’ve added some beautiful new colours to their palette (my particular favourites are arctic blue and pink) as well as a new range of items including breton tops, bodycon dresses and leggings. Not only do their simple, clean designs make these items perfect for layering and pairing in myriad ways, they’re also a great investment as staples that can be used again and again. And don’t worry, there’s a mens section too, so they’ve got you totally covered!

Essentially, they’re a great gift pick because it’s impossible not to love their pieces. And as an extra bonus, they are so comfy to wear. Ethical, eco-friendly and still practical, my favourite combo.

Until tomorrow, stay magic y’all.