If you have yet to see, I was lucky enough to be part of a UK Christmas collaborative lookbook alongside some of the best eco-blogger babes in the biz. It was a truly delightful day filled with laughter, fun and new friendships formed outside of the internet, all while clothed in some of the finest ethical fashion we could find. We collaborated with local British sustainable fashion brands to showcase their goods as alternative options for the holidays, at the same time celebrating collaboration over competition in our industry. Because if we’re talking about treating the world with more kindness, that starts with how we treat each other.

We also decided to extend our work into creating a conscious holiday gift guide, as our work went on putting together this post we discovered the brands we were working with often extended beyond just fashion, at the same time discovering more who were creating beautiful gift options. So we figured, why not share all the gorgeous ethical items you could buy for your loved ones this holiday season too?


We all have those friends and family with totally unique, beautiful taste. You know the one, their life could make up a Pinterest board and their impeccable eye is somewhat awe inducing. It can be tough to find the right gift for those with that aesthetic sixth sense, below is a collection of ideas that are deliciously beautiful, but still sustainable and ethically made.

ONE NINE EIGHT FIVE | Woman Cushion £90.00

ONE NINE EIGHT FIVE | Zipper Pouch £43.00

GUNG HO DESIGN | Chained to Tradition Silk Scarf £140.00

GUNG HO DESIGN | Summer Earrings in Red £30.00

THE FUTURE KEPT | Red Tinted Lip Balm £18.00

THOUGHT CLOTHING | Kelis Pom Pom Organic Wool Beanie Hat £24.90

THE FUTURE KEPT | House Of Plants Book £18.00

LITTLE DIFFERENCE | Mountain And Moon Card £2.50


Little Difference is an eco-friendly stationery brand that create greeting cards, notebooks, and prints inspired by nature. Launched by a couple with a love for nature, they decided to start a business that runs in the most Earth caring way possible. All of Little Difference’s products are made using 100% recycled paper and 100% biodegradable packaging. Their mission is to make the consumer happy and fulfilled with a uniquely designed product that signifies they have made a “Little Difference” in the world whilst making a net positive impact on nature by regeneration the world’s forests. For this reason they have started a “1 Card, 1 Tree” initiative where they pay for the planting, raising and protection of one tree towards reforestation for every single product sold!

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For those looking to keep it cosy, classy and calming this winter season, help your loved ones find that peaceful respite from crazy consumerism and the advertising overload. All of these gifts are perfect for snuggling up at home with some candles and a cup of mulled wine, surrounded by sights and smells to ease the mind and help us regain some much needed balance. I particularly love this organic robe from Greenfibres, it’s so so soft!

GREEN FIBRES | Organic Velour Hooded Bathrobe £79.00

CELTIC & CO | Dita Slippers £49.00

THE FUTURE KEPT | Wild Dyer £17.00

CELTIC & CO | Lambswool Tartan Throw £150.00

58 LIFESTYLE | Balancing Room Mist £22.00

GREEN FIBRES | Woolen Hot Water Bottle Cover £29.90

58 LIFESTYLE Balancing Body Cream £33.00

58 LIFESTYLE | Balancing Bath Oil £25.00

58 LIFESTYLE | Balancing Body Wash £29.00

THE FUTURE KEPT | Moroccan Rose Bath Salts £10.00

THE FUTURE KEPT | Beeswax Dinner Candles £12.00

58 LIFESTYLE | Balancing Eco Soy Candle  £21-£58

58 LIFESTYLE Balancing Aroma Oil £12.00

58 LIFESTYLE | Incense

LITTLE DIFFERENCE | Pattern Deer Card £2.50


58 Lifestyle was created by Michal Cohen-Sagi and Noam Sagi, with both believing that wellbeing, health and beauty should be treated with a 360 approach. They opened a unique well being centre in London, offering anything from massages to holistic treatments and western medical practitioners. At the same time they developed their gorgeous 58 Lifestyle products, which include notes of green mandarin, jasmine, coriander and ylang ylang amongst other natural ingredients that rreate a harmonious feeling to enhances our wellbeing and provide balance. Free from sulphates, parabens and harsh additives, these little packages of harmony and balance create an environment fit for anyone yearning a peaceful, soulful lifestyle.

Greenfibres has been making and selling organic textiles since 1996. William and Gabriela Lana launched this mindful brand because they wanted to offer beautiful and useful textile products that are kind to the environment and to our health. They also wanted to provide meaningful livelihoods for everyone who work with and for them.  With a beautiful store in Totnes, Devon, their little country haven has a variety of beautiful, homely products including socks, clothing, organic and natural mattresses, natural cleaning products, duvets, pillows and toiletries. It’s a magical combo of hygge and that beautiful Christmas cosiness that can only quite be found in Britain.

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Because what we buy for our little ones is just as important as what we buy for our grown up loved ones. Often buying for kids can mean a lot of plastic, bright colours and general unsustainable practice, but it is possible to buy pieces that are sustainable, ethical and organic, keeping the environmental cost down and keeping our wee humans safe in the process!

FROM BABIES WITH LOVE | Nautical Nesting Blocks £24.90

FROM BABIES WITH LOVE | Wooden Duck Baby Pull Along £19.90

FROM BABIES WITH LOVE | Penguin Baby Grow £21.90

FROM BABIES WITH LOVE | French Grey Kisses Knot Hat £7.50

CELTIC & CO | Crawler Boots £20.00

LITTLE DIFFERENCE | Llama Card £2.50

CELTIC & CO | Flatout Bear £58.00


We all love buying babies beautiful products, particularly at Christmas. Sadly there are too many children who don’t have anyone to buy them presents. However, when you buy from From Babies With Love, every single penny of profit goes round the world to help orphaned and abandoned children. They work with the charities SOS Children’s Villages and Street Child to provide a family home, education, healthcare and support to overcome trauma. It’s amazing and essential work.

From Babies With Love provide us with the perfect organic baby gift. All their designs are ethically and sustainably sourced, They use the softest 100% organic cotton, and their toys are made from wood from sustainable sources that come in recyclable packaging. Plus, their stuff is adorable!

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Photos were taken by Fair Photo Agency photographer Shane Woodward.

This post was sponsored by multiple brands, each of which we personally selected and approached for this collaborative post. The story, including all content, experiences, suggestions and opinions, are shared by myself and my collaborators. We borrowed and returned every item seen in this post.