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I don’t know what it is, but something about this time of year makes me appreciate all things cute a little bit more. I’m not sure if its a defence mechanism against Londoners, who get even angrier when its cold and dark, or the sudden appearance of all things hygge in the form of fairy lights, candles and an abundance of blankets, but there’s something about autumn that leaves me saying ‘aaaaw’ more than usual. So, imagine my sheer delight when I connected with Consume with Love recently, online home of so many ethical and sustainable shopping options for those ‘just because’ gifts. It’s time to get your kawaii on, because I think Consume With Love is officially the sweetest online marketplace of 2017.

Consume with Love was founded by twin sisters Megan and Michelle; an academic with a PhD in Sociology who regularly teaches on ethics and the environment, and a registered dietician specialising in plantbased lifestyles respectively. The pair were blogging about ethical consumption, and as time went on started finding companies they’d love to help others discover, so decided to set up their own space online to give the small independent businesses they loved a platform. With the mantra ‘live kindly, shop compassionately’ they created Consume With Love, a curated marketplace specialising in sustainable, fair trade and cruelty free products. The collection includes clothing, jewellery, accessories and gifts, and their site is broken down into ethics categories, based on what brands focus on (eg. vegan, women’s empowerment or products with purpose). The brands Consume with Love carry use eco-friendly practises, don’t use animal byproducts and ensure that their workers are treated well and paid fairly. They aim to make it easier for consumers to make ethical choices by providing them with option from great brands, making the world more loving and compassionate in the process.

Because they carry a wide range of suppliers, Consume With Love’s products can match a variety of styles and tastes, making them the perfect online portal if you’re trying to get a gift for a particularly hard to buy for friend (there’s always one). Whether minimalist muted tones or vivid patterns, delicate jewellery or bold statement pieces, they have something for everyone. What ties this myriad of pieces together is a mutual movement towards consuming and creating with kindness. While it can sound like it may be a little ‘all-you-need-is-love’ sappy vibes, it’s actually incredibly sweet to behold. When chatting to Megan and Michelle you can’t help but notice that they radiate an unrelenting optimism in their business that’s nothing short of infectious, and impossible not to pass on.

As well as the brands they support, Consume With Love also has a budding pre-loved collection! Recognising that Americans throw away over 14 million tons of textiles each year and that buying second-hand is a great way to reduce environmental impact, they also wanted to provide a selection of secondhand wares to spruce up a wardrobe without consuming new, diverting materials from landfill along the way. It’s a fun section to check back in on, seeing what new items may have made their way into Consume With Love’s hands, and potentially into mine in the future.

Consume With Love sent me a few of their personal favourites to show to you, and dang they are cute. Firstly, let’s talk about these mini avocado and mini lemonade notebooks. They’re made from completely recycled paper and are printed using eco-friendly methods, with waterless and chemical free printer and vegetable oil based inks. Both freaking adorable, super handy and lightweight at A6 size, and kind to the earth. I’ve already been carrying them on a daily basis, and they are the perfect useful thing to have to hand when you want to take notes, write lists, or remember something; making those organisational necessities a lot more aesthetically pleasing in the process. Definitely the kind of thing I would pick up for someone who’s hard to buy for, or as a little treat for someone I love.

Alongside that, they also sent me some classier, more grown up gifts. I love this matching set of green marble pendant and green marble earrings, both of which are made up only of marble, a natural resource, and brass, an abundant, easily recyclable material. As well as being sustainable, they are made by refugees who have resettled in Memphis, Tennessee, with their purchase directly funding employment, income and further training for these individuals as they transition to a new life in America. They’re a perfect example of their products with purpose; giving me a beautiful piece of jewellery whilst also supporting small sustainable business and continued advancement, opportunity and inclusion within Memphis. It’s no secret that refugee support and resettlement is hugely important to me, so it’s always an honour to discover and talk about more initiatives that are working to make those transitions easier.

All in all, while I love positivity, optimism, and sweetness, which I definitely think Consume With Love carries in droves, there’s also more to this business than just what you see on the outside. Each purchase is a chance to invest money into small, sustainable business; a chance to take money out of impersonal and unethical companies and put it directly into social enterprise and eco-friendly practice instead. Whilst I always love to talk about new brands on the blog, I love discovering new marketplaces even more. They do all the work for you, providing a selection of trusted brands and products that have been curated with both consciousness and a dash of kawaii in mind. So if you’re looking for somewhere new to shop online, whether it be buying ‘just because’, trying to find something for that difficult friend or just trying to add a touch more fun into your winter, look no further than Consume With Love, and join the mission to spread more compassion and kindness than ever before.

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Until next time, stay magic y’all.