Today’s post comes from the beauties over at f toxins, an amazing London based blog that is literally sticking the v’s up to toxins and exploring the ever increasing number of better, natural alternatives for beauty and home care. The blog is run by sisters Ariane and Delphine, who are on a journey of making considered choices about what we consume in the world of beauty and lifestyle. I’ve been reading this blog for a while, and I found their post on skincare and menstruation crazy helpful, so I asked if I could share their quick and handy guide with you all today too.

Below are their words…

Men will never understand what it is like to live your life to a monthly cycle of ups and downs. The struggle is real. And one of these struggles is managing period skin care. Our skin needs different things at different times in our cycle. Keep reading to find out how to keep those acne breakouts and dry patches and oily t-zones at bay.

Period Skin Care

Week 1 – Your Period Has Started

Oestrogen and progesterone levels in your body have fallen so your skin and hair become drier. Fine lines are more obvious and your skin looks dull and tired – much like how you are feeling, probably.

Avoid doing anything harsh to your skin (like exfoliating) and concentrate on calming and nourishing. Add extra hydrating products to your regime such as those containing hyaluronic acid.

You can also help fight dry skin from the inside-out by eating more healthy fats like avocado and oily fish.

Week 2 – Oestrogen Levels Are Off The Charts

High oestrogen levels come with mucho benefits. Your hair is silky and your skin is glowing. You won’t feel the need to put on as much makeup as usual.

It’s time to break out the exfoliators to encourage new skin cells.  Exfoliate daily to remove dead skin cells that can make your complexion look dull. It is super important to stick to exfoliators made with natural and organic ingredients if your skin is easily irritated around the time of your period

Week 3 – Girl, You Ovulating

This means you’re looking extra fine. Your oestrogen is at its highest so you will feel as amazing as you look. Collagen production has also increased, so your skin will look plumper.

Focus on anti-ageing products to keep your skin looking its best.

Week 4 – You’re About To Start Your Period (AGAIN…)

Breakout time! Oestrogen is starting to fall while testosterone is starting to rise. Your skin will be oilier than normal and your pores will begin to look larger. As more sebum is produced, clogging your pores, you become at a higher risk of acne. Your hair will look greasier too.

Increase the frequency of exfoliation to two or three times a week and choose ingredients that reduce excessive oil such as salicylic acid to prevent closed pores and spots.

 Zinc is an essential mineral which helps the skin to heal itself so adding more yoghurt and nuts into your diet around now could help with the acne.

Literally. So. Helpful. I literally check in on this post all the time, I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me! Remember to go show f toxins some love and check out their blog for all things non-toxic and natural beauty related.

Until next time, stay magic y’all.