In the sustainability world, ethical fashion is where a lot of us start. It’s often the issue we’re most aware of, as even the least engaged consumer has probably heard something about sweat shops before. But the world of textiles goes beyond the clothes we wear. We’re surrounded by fabrics all the time in our homes, it’s often an area we can forget about when it comes to living greener, and it can be hard to know where to start looking for alternatives.

Luckily, Hope & Twine are here to help.


It was a tea towel that led Bree, Hope & Twine’s founder to think about ethical homeware. She had just returned to Canada after living overseas, whilst purchasing linens from a large store for her new home she was struck by how low the prices were, and she couldn’t do it. She knew that somewhere, somebody’s paying something, and it didn’t feel right to fill her home with goods that come from slave labour.

She decided it was time to buy less, and buy better. To find quality artisanal textiles supported by a fair wage, made in ethical and sustainable ways. And so Hope & Twine was created; a curated shop of hand-chosen items that supports makers properly whilst respecting the earth. There you can find a whole host of simple, ethical and beautiful textiles to fill your home in a sustainable way, including blankets, cushions, rugs, sheets, tablecloths… the list goes on!

But the thing that really got me excited about Hope & Twine was their towels.


For a while now I’ve only had one towel, which is pretty shameful! But in the midst of recent travelling and a few house moves, some spare ones ended up falling apart and heading to textile recycling or getting lost along the way. It hasn’t been my finest hour (truly, nobody is perfect), and I hadn’t gotten around to replacing them because I wasn’t quite sure where to start looking. It was then that I found Hope & Twine, and my bath time blues were transformed. They sent me this amazing towel which is made in Canada by Hope & Twine themselves from 100% organic Turkish cotton. It’s unbleached, unfussy and slave labour free. But also, it is so soft.

Bath time is often a key component of many people’s lives, either for a specific self care routine or just for a moment to slow down. Honestly, there is nothing better than coming out of a good bath or shower and wrapping yourself in some crazy fuzzy, organic goodness. It’s hygge to the max, and with Hope & Twine you also have no bleach, no pesticides, no weird smells or stiff fabrics, and no unethical treatment. Basically, simultaneously making your bath time more eco, more cosy, and more fabulous. This towel is long, so perfect to wrap yourself up in and get comfy (because for real, is there anything better than sitting in a towel for hours after we get out of the bath? I know y’all do this too), and its combination of luxurious and soft makes you feel great and guilt free. I honestly can’t think of a better way to care for yourself than to find essentials in your home that help you feel like your best self, without causing harm to others or the planet. The whole purpose of a bath is to unwind and clear your mind, that’s even easier when these babies leave your conscience totally clear.

Hope & Twine have done an amazing job of finding products that are beautiful and consciously crafted, helping make your home a wonderful retreat of sustainability, without sacrificing on style. And if you want to make your bath time a little more ethical, seriously look no further!

It’s time for big stores to move aside, because small sustainable businesses like Hope & Twine deliver on luxury and ethics. You can shop their entire collection here.

And if, like me, you love a good bit of ethical bath time, you could win one of these beautiful towels for yourself! Head to my Instagram Page to enter!

Until next time, stay magic y’all.

Post created in collaboration with Hope & Twine