It’s July and, as many of you may have noticed, people across the globe have been pledging to go plastic free, refusing single use plastic items for the entirety of the month. The thing about plastic is that every piece that has ever been created still exists, and it takes thousands and thousands of years for plastics to break down back into the earth (if it ever does at all, no one is quite sure on how long it takes, because none of us have been around that long). Whilst this month is about removing plastic from individual lives, it’s also about the power of change caused by community. If together we get on board to refuse plastic we can encourage other communities and companies to go plastic free, beyond just one month. It’s about making this unsustainable resource a thing of the past, especially when there are so many wonderful alternative options out there.


So here is a list of ideas, resources and blog posts to help you on the journey to a plastic free, zero waste life:

Check out my tips for avoiding food packaging here and pair it with the ultimate zero waste kit to make your life a whole lot easier

– Watch Sustainably Vegan’s videos on how to bulk buy and how to avoid waste if you can’t bulk buy

If you like in the US, Litterless and a few other zero wasters are exploring how to minimise waste in traditional grocery stores here

Read Candice’s tools for a green kitchen

Here’s a list of essentials to keep in your bag, helping you stay zero waste and plastic free on the go

– Check out Leah’s post on 5 ways to zero waste your morning routine

– Keep your lunch zero waste with sustainable lunchboxes

– Or keep your food cling film free with wax wraps

– And clean your home zero waste, non-toxic style with these wonderful reusable options

– Ditch disposable coffee cups; they have a thin layer of plastic in them to keep them waterproof, and making them extremely difficult, if not almost impossible, to recycle. Check out some zero waste coffee choices instead

– Avoid food packaging by making your own zero waste milk or butter at home

Switch out your chewing gum for a biodegradable version (that’s right, chewing gum is made of plastic)

Avoid toilet roll wrapped in plastic and check out this sustainable option instead. They sell in the UK now!

For a more sustainable period: The World of the Mooncup

For a zero waste, packaging free shampoo experience: shampoo solutions or check out Leah’s post on this amazing reusable shampoo bottle service

– For some of the easiest plastic free switches, learn about the sustainable wonder that is bamboo, try switching your toothbrush, hair brush, or make up brushes if you’re in need of new ones this July

– Move on from toxic, plastic wrapped deodorants and grab hold of a zero waste alum bar instead. They can last up to two years, so save you some money too!

– If you have presents to give this July avoid traditional wrapping paper which contains plastic (I know guys, it’s everywhere), check out some eco-friendly wrapping inspiration here

– And if you know someone having a party, check out my tips to keep it eco-friendly here

Learn how to avoid microbeads (yep, made of plastic) in your products here

For a more sustainable way to move, carpool your deliveries with Shiply to save emissions

Until next time, stay magic y’all.