BYBI Beauty have created the natural products of my dreams that have quickly launched to the top of my (very short) favourites list. That’s saying a lot because I’m really selective when it comes to beauty. I’ve never been a person to own and use loads of different things, I prefer a few long-lasting purchases that can be used for anything and everything. And BYBI’s products fit the bill perfectly.

BYBI Beauty (which stands for by beauty insiders) is the brainchild of Clean Beauty Co, a London based beauty brand that’s all about luxury, positivity and transparency in the beauty industry, using natural ingredients and helping people understand and take control of what goes on their skin. I was originally introduced (via the internet) to the girls behind Clean Beauty Co last year thanks to ethical manicure extraordinaire Tabby, and they’ve even been kind enough to share one of their natural beauty recipes on this blog before. I know how committed they are to natural beauty (they’ve been posting recipes online for ages now) so when they turned their hand to their own beauty products I couldn’t wait to give them a try.


BYBI Beauty use their favourite plants, nuts, flowers and seeds to create products that are nourishing, moisturising and anti-ageing, without being filled with other random chemicals. Their products are 100% natural, pure and organic, using high quality plant botanicals without any fillers. Their mantra: ‘better for your skin, better for your body, better for the environment and better for you.’

They currently have two products out, Babe Balm and Prime Time, both of which are multi-purpose, vegan, cruelty free and pretty great.


Babe Balm, the first product BYBI released, is a multi purpose beauty balm that can be used as a highlighter, moisturiser, cleanser or more. It hydrates and softens, with a combination of Coenzyme Q10 (crazy name, but it’s actually a type of nutrient that occurs naturally in the body, it’s an anti-oxidant and can be found in lots of veggies like spinach, broccoli and legumes!) Kokum butter, Monoi, Hibiscus and Calendula. So much planty goodness. It contains Pink Sweet Potato extract, giving it a peachy colour, while Brazilian Pequi oil gives it a tropical smell so good that I actually just stopped and smelled the pot four different times while writing this sentence.

Prime Time is a facial scrub that goes beyond just exfoliating by also working as a primer, prepping your skin to absorb the nutrients in toners, moisturisers or serums you might be putting on next. It contains allantoin, apple and pineapple acids to strip away dead skins cells, marshmallow root (known for its healing, moisturising and soothing properties), as well as other goodies like sweet almond oil and shea butter. But most importantly, it’s microbead free. Instead of plastic that ends up causing huge harm to oceans and food chains, jojoba beads are used for the scrubbing element, a natural liquid wax from the jojoba shrub that exfoliates without tearing the skins surface, and happily biodegrades back into earth. Oh and if you love citrus, you’ll love how fresh this smells too.


So do these products actually work? To put it simply, yes. So far I’ve used Babe Balm as a cleanser, as a highlighter, to soften cuticles, and to moisturise my heels/elbows/face. For me I find that it’s a little too heavy to moisturise my whole face, but works great on specific areas whilst being the perfect highlighter. England has seen a heat wave recently, meaning that glowy summer skin is a thing that’s happening again (sometimes also known as ‘this was a beauty decision I’m not just sweating I swear’), and Babe Balm is ideal for getting that summer sheen, in a good way. I love that this product has so many different ways it can be used, instead of owning loads of separate products you can get everything in one balm. And even better, you only need to use a small amount each time. I can’t stress this enough, the teeniest tiniest amount goes a long way. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and the amount has barely gone down, I think it will see me until at least the end of 2017.

Prime Time I have used more simply, as it has one main function but several simultaneous benefits, and I’ve been loving it. It smells amazing, leaves my skin both clean and super soft and again, only requires the smallest amount. A pea sized amount mixed with a little water is all you need to put on your face and you’re good to go. I’ve been using it every few days, and follow it with my all time skincare staple, my super nourishing organic hemp cream. Prime Time primes my face perfectly for this moisturiser, but as it’s a little lighter than Babe Balm I find this combo works ideally for me.

The other thing worth mentioning here is that these products are basically zero waste. They come in recyclable cardboard packaging, and the containers themselves are made of glass with a thin metal lid, no plastic, making it recyclable. However I think both of these can also be reused in so many different ways. The little glass tubs can of course be used for a variety of storage and on the go needs, but the cardboard packaging is also beautifully floral inside, with a bit of craft on the outside it could easily be repurposed into a little gift box. The possibilities are endless! The only non-recyclable component is that Prime Time comes with a very small plastic mini-spoon for scooping out the product, which I didn’t know came alongside it. Whilst I have found this handy it can easily be replicated with a normal spoon, so my one hope for the future is that this can either be made biodegradable or you can opt out of receiving it.

[update] BYBI got in touch to tell me that they are in the process of sourcing biodegradable spoons1]

All in all, these products are still pretty wonderful, and have become some of my firm favourites extremely quickly. They’re long lasting and can be used for so many things, they’re totally natural and non-toxic, they don’t create tons of waste and they smell great. I think I’ll be using these for quite a long time!


Until next time, stay magic y’all.