If you live in the city, work a busy job, or both, lunch can easily become your worst enemy. If you don’t plan ahead the zero waste goal can easily fly out the window, replaced by easy, convenient options wrapped in plastic. And even if you do plan ahead, there’s still cling film and plastic tupperware lurking around every corner. Sometimes it can feel impossible to find something sustainable, lightweight and easy for on the go.

Well there’s no need to worry any more, because in the battle for sustainable lunches, Seed & Sprout has got you covered. Seed & Sprout believe in the power of individuals when we come together; although we can often feel overwhelmed by the huge environmental challenges the world faces, they believe that the power of one joining forces to become a power of many is a force to be reckoned with. And so Seed & Sprout are committed to encouraging as many people as possible to make small but easily achievable changes in their life, which when done collectively have big impacts.


And so they’re starting with plastic. Seed & Sprout are on a mission to dramatically reduce plastic use, something I can definitely get behind, with their eco-friendly stainless steel bento boxes. When it comes to food containers, stainless steel is a great sustainable resource and a much more environmental choice than plastic. Firstly, stainless steel is deliberately designed to be durable, often lasting for several decades, making it a good long term investment whilst still keeping your food super safe. But when stainless steel does reach the end of its life it’s 100% recyclable, with the main alloying elements (chromium, nickel and molybdenum) all being highly valuable and easy to recover and separate from other materials. And as well as being recyclable, any stainless steel object is made up of approximately 60% recycled material already, being made up of:
– 25% Old scrap such as end of life products
– 35% New scrap which is returning from production
– 40% New raw materials added


Essentially, switching to stainless steel is a no brainer. On top of this, however, Seed & Sprout also have a tree planting initiative which, by 2018, will have reforested thousands of acres of rainforest and millions of individual trees. Whenever you buy a lunchbox Seed & Sprout plants a seedling tree in your name, or the name of someone you love, so as well as avoiding plastic you’re helping natural habitats too!


Seed & Sprout kindly sent me one of their classic stacking bento boxes and I am definitely a convert, it’s so well designed. My main problem with bento boxes has always been portion sizes (my food never fits), but the variety of compartment sizes makes it super easy to take snacks or something larger on the go, whilst also being super portable and lightweight. The boxes are also really well sealed; I haven’t had one leak or spill, which is basically unheard of if you’re a serial lunch box user. The bentos are also stain, odour and rust resistant, dishwasher safe and BPA free, so it really ticks all the boxes for ease of use. I often find myself out for long periods of time and it can be a bit of a nightmare trying to carry a days worth of food in multiple boxes, these Seed & Sprout stackers have actually changed my life a little bit as I can keep everything in one place.

Changing to a stainless steel lunch box is such an easy switch to make in our daily lives, but if it avoids cling film and plastic, the impact adds up very quickly. I love everything Seed & Sprout are about, I love avoiding plastic, and I love lunch. It’s a match made in heaven.

To shop Seed & Sprout for yourself, check them out online HERE

(My bento box contains spicy Korean-flavour noodles, dino sandwiches for my inner child and kiwi, perfect for a whole day on the go in one bento box set!)


Until next time, stay magic y’all

Post created in collaboration with Seed & Sprout.