It’s the first day of Fashion Revolution Week! So what better time to revisit Les Sublimes, one of the first ethical fashion brands that I really spoke to in depth and covered on Ethical Unicorn. Les Sublimes are all about an ethical, sustainable and global wardrobe and, seeing as I keep finding myself all over the globe, their line of adaptable basics are a perfect fit for me. Whilst their combination of comfort, sustainability and style work well no matter your location, I recently found myself en route to Japan and it seemed like the perfect chance to try out one of my favourite sustainable essentials in its namesake location.

I find Japan to be one of the hardest places to pack for. The weather can shift suddenly between beautiful sun and serious chill, with high humidity thrown in once you get into summer time. I wanted to see how their Tokyo Tank would stand up, and I have to say I was impressed.


My Kadlec Studio friends and I ran down to Shibuya crossing at an ungodly hour on a Saturday morning to grab these photos. Shibuya is of course known for being insanely busy, so we decided to go see what it’s like before most of the world is awake. The answer? Still busy. But the kind where you can still breathe a little.


Les Sublimes products are made using the sustainable, low impact fibres of GOTS certified organic cotton and Oeko Tex 100 certificated Lenzing MicroModal; their clothes contain maximum of 10% synthetic fibres (to allow for movement and durability). All of their production takes place in Renaison, a small town 400km south of France, in a family owned atelier. The 10 employees work under ethical conditions with a good working environment, fair pay, regular holidays, healthcare and a proper pension (extra bonus, the atelier recycles their fabric scraps too). Clothing tags are made from recycled polyester, produced by a small family business in Taiwan, and packaging is made of eco-friendly and locally-made materials, produced by small business partners in France. Each piece bought also provides one month of education for a young girl in need.


Beyond all the ethical reasons why Les Sublimes are awesome their clothes are darn comfy, making them perfect basics no matter where you find yourself. The Tokyo tank is just about the softest item in my wardrobe right now and I love it. It’s also the ideal flexible item for Tokyo; both wonderfully cosy for warm layers, and breathable enough to wear in crazy Japanese humidity. But my favourite perk, these are perfect for travelling. They pack up so tiny in a suitcase (I only travel with carry on size luggage), but no matter how tightly you squeeze them in all wrinkles fall away as soon as you put them on, aka THE DREAM. Les Sublimes really do know how to combine simplicity, sustainability and elegance, and it makes my life a heck of a lot easier. Tokyo tank, you officially work in Tokyo.

To shop Les Sublimes for any of your ethical basics needs, follow this link and get 20% off your order!


Tank: Les Sublimes Tokyo tank
Skirt: Secondhand from Wellington, New Zealand
Jacket: Secondhand from Kyoto, Japan
Shoes: Birkenstocks
Sunglasses: Sideroot
Watch: Wils Fabrik

Until next time, stay magic y’all

Post created in collaboration with Les Sublimes.
This post also contains an affiliate link, you get 20% off your orders but I also get a lil store credit if you buy through a link from this website. I only work with brands I really love, and I always give my honest opinion. Any store credit I get is likely to be spent buying ethical gifts for my friends 🙂