When I was on tour last year I had my first outside-of-the-news encounter with the Zika virus. One of our stops with Singapore, where there had been cases of Zika, so incoming and outgoing planes were thoroughly sprayed with insect repellent on take off and landing. This repellent was so potent that we were advised to cover our faces. Not our mouth, our entire face. I’ve never experienced something so strong in my life, and so I coughed and spluttered through a couple of plane journeys. That being said, diseases carried by insects such as Zika, Lyme Disease, Malaria and West Nile Fever are very very real issues that should be treated with seriousness. It’s extremely important to keep ourselves as safe and protected as possible to avoid contracting or spreading these nasty conditions, but is there a way we can do this without exposing ourselves to the toxic, polluting chemicals in most traditional bug sprays?

Enter Tick Tock Naturals, the company founded by Dr Susan Eisen who are on a mission to repel insects and prevent disease, including all diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes. Their products act as a first line of defence to prevent bug bites at home and during travel, whilst remaining natural, ethical and eco-friendly.


There are many natural products in the world, but when it comes to insect repellent no one can afford to gamble on a product that might not be safe or reliable. Tick Tock Naturals is the only product that is cold pressed grape seed oil based, meaning that it won’t evaporate like water, alcohol or witch hazel based products, but also doesn’t feel greasy or sticky. Aside from this, the only other ingredients are organic essential oils that work to repel insects. The Tick Tock formula is completely vegan, PETA certified, organic, non-gmo and DEET free. It’s manufactured in the USA, the formula is biodegradable (with anti-ageing ingredients too!) and Tick Tock packaging is recyclable. Although it’s not crazy expensive to begin with, Tick Tock Naturals is also a concentrated product that spreads easily on skin, meaning you don’t need to use as much as other options. More bang for your buck, as they say.

Tick Tock Naturals are affiliated with the Gold Coast Medical Foundation and a partner to Global Lyme Alliance, one of the leading research and educational foundations for tick borne diseases. They have also been approved by both the UN and Unicef as an ethical and sustainable product, and present at green fares at the UN plaza. So not only is the product natural, the company keep themselves completely accountable and are both trustworthy and approved by the people that matter. So often in the past I’ve bought a product with no real certainty that it’s actually doing what it promises, so it’s wonderful to discover a company I can trust. A portion of each sale of insect repellent is also donated to Lyme Research Alliance, a foundation dedicated to the reduction and eradication of Lyme Disease, so while protecting yourself you contribute to protecting others!


Tick Tock Naturals sent me their Travel Size Bottle to try out, and it got to me just in time for my trip to Japan. It fits perfectly within airport requirements, whilst being lightweight, conveniently sized, and super easy to fit in that little bag you need to use. I apply it on top of my sunscreen (always do sunscreen first) and find that it can be applied really quickly and easily. It’s definitely thicker than bug sprays I’ve used in the past, but instead of being greasy I just find that a little really does go a long way, as it’s super easy to rub in. I’ve been walking around outside almost non-stop all week, and this little bottle has been ridiculously handy on the go in natural spaces and new environments, making travelling safety totally stress-free, and keeping those lil bugs away.


My favourite thing, however, has got to be the smell. The formula contains lemongrass oil, but because it’s all natural ingredients it smells of citrus whilst still having an earthy quality to it. Basically, imagine you’re eating lemon sherbet on a really beautiful camping trip and you can picture it. It makes me think of so many memories from teenage camping trips with friends, and it instantly give me such a joyous feeling. There’s a very noticeable difference between an artificial product and this one, both in terms of the smell but also how it sits on your skin. Tick Tock Naturals works, but it also just feels a lot better to use. If only I had found this in time for Australia last year! This little bottle is now my definite go-to.

Whether you’re planning to travel or not, with spring in full swing and summer on the way I highly recommend you keep yourself safe and bug free. Disease is never something to take lightly, and Tick Tock Naturals provides a perfect, ethical solution. You can shop their collection online here, and I highly recommend that you do.

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Until next time, stay magic y’all.
Post created in collaboration with Tick Tock Naturals