Watches are one of those necessity items that many of us will own over the years, but with watches often being made of materials like leather or plastic they’re not necessarily the most sustainable (or the most comfortable) option when it comes to staying on time. For this reason, I’ve not owned or worn a watch for quite a while, despite actually wanting to own one of the non-technological variety. Luckily for me, the wonderful Wils Fabrik got in touch to show me their sustainable, ethical options.


Wilson, Wils Fabrik founder, has always loved natural materials, fashion, and sustainability and started to make watches in 2014. Wilson was drawn to wood because, unlike metal, plastic or leather, it’s more comfortable and less affected by the elements (metal on a cold day or leather/fake leather on a hot day? No thanks). Wils Fabrik sells a variety of unique, natural wooden watches made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, meaning that it’s sustainably sourced from forests that are well managed. Each watch is constructed under ethical conditions: being designed in Berlin, the individual pieces created in Hong Kong (Wilson’s birthplace) and then put together in Germany.

On top of this, Wils Fabrik also believes in the power of investing in education. Each watch sale provides three books and the school materials for children across the world. Wils Fabrik’s first donation was in Uganda through Book Aid International, and as of December 2016 Wils Fabrik have donated over 9000 books and stationary supplies across Africa, Cambodia and Korea, as well as participating in other international projects such as school building and cultural exchange programmes.


Wils Fabrik were kind enough to send me their Le Vegan watch to review, and I totally love it. It’s super lightweight, and the slimmer design means it doesn’t feel cumbersome or annoying at all. I like the lighter wood, it goes with anything and is a lovely colour for the Spring season. This watch isn’t just functional but also a really beautiful accessory which I feel good wearing. It’s also cool on the skin, meaning that now that London is getting warmer I don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or feeling gross. As an actual watch it works great, super easy to read the time on this lil guy (this seems obvious, but it’s very important), and it has a really unique release clasp for taking the watch off that’s much easier and faster than traditional watch straps. It’s such an easy, convenient and sleek accessory that’s now a staple in my everyday outfit.


All in all, I’m a big fan of what Wils Fabrik are doing. I’m a firm believer in making a product you love last as long as possible, and the back of these watches can be removed easily in order to replace the battery when it runs out, meaning that the timeless, eco design is perfect for a lifetime investment watch. They’re beautiful, classic and simple but most importantly, they’re kind to the earth and to others. Just how I like it.

You can shop Wils Fabrik watches online here.

Until next time, stay magic y’all.

Post created in collaboration with Wils Fabrik.