Have you ever had a sock go missing? Chances are you probably have, and as a contemporary dancer I go through more socks than most. I spend a large portion of my day to day life without shoes at all, so a pair of well made socks is basically an essential in my book. The average Brit loses 1.3 socks a months, so imagine how many more I’ve lost over the years of dance classes, rehearsals and touring shows. Considering that in the UK alone we send 350,000 tonnes of used clothing to landfill each year, I definitely don’t want my above average sock needs (and losses) to be contributing to that unecessarily.

Luckily for me I came across the Scandinavian company URU, who have created a beautiful, sustainable, and smart solution.


URU are a Danish company who value functionality and simplicity in their creations. They combine design, innovation and high quality to make life easier whilst being as environmentally friendly and socially responsible as possible. Their ethical, unisex Solo Socks replace the traditional pair of socks with packs of 5 or 7 individuals. Each sock is different, yet designed to match the rest of the set, meaning that you have both a spare sock at all times and the ability to constantly mix and match your footwear (which is even more fun if, like me, you’re often not in shoes). These mismatched-yet-matching socks also come in a reusable packaging tray designed to fit your stacks easily into any drawer.


Solo Socks are made from organic combed cotton, in which the cotton is specially processed to increase its quality, softness and durability. URU work with only European certified suppliers, meaning all stages of production from cotton production to dying are highly controlled and monitored to ensure they’re ethical, whilst Solo Socks also undergo quality control processes to check they’re up to standard.

Essentially these socks are ethical, sustainable and extra durable, whilst also providing an extra in case the sock monster steals one of them away.


I absolutely love how these socks look and feel. Their design is fresh and unique, and their constant interchangeability gives them an extra fun factor too. But, more importantly, they’re really great quality. Not only does this make them a real treat to your feet to wear, I also know they’re going to go the distance when it comes to durability. I swore off buying cheap socks a long time ago, knowing that a few pirouettes in they’d fall apart. I’m so happy to have found a solution that’s reliable, comfortable, and makes me the coolest kid in class.

Until next time, stay magic y’all.