Today I am so excited to share a lil slice of ethical fashion goodness from the Saiint Sisters. These lovely ladies are a powerful sister duo (but not twins!) from London as well, who are crazy passionate about all things sustainable fashion, and their focus on empowerment and positivity is sure to leave you smiling for hours. Make sure to go check em out, links to their social media are at the bottom of this post too 😉

Below are their words…

It’s Katie’s birthday today and there is no better way to celebrate than to put your best frocks on and feel joyous for another year on this beautiful planet!! It’s also worth feeling joyous for the chance to read about another incredible ethical fashion brand, so read on lovely people! In life there is art and there is fashion, but why have them as separate entities when you can have it all combined into one super beautiful wearable thing? This is exactly what the talented Deborah Campbell Atelier does in collaboration with artist Tabitha Wilson. To top off this incredible combined force, the fabrics used to make these gorgeous outfits are ethical and made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s incredible! Before you get put off by the idea of wearing recycled plastic on your skin, don’t be, because this fabric is so soft and breathable that if you had your eyes closed you might actually think you were wearing satin or silk. We’re big fans! The cuts, pattern and colour are simply stunning… how can you hold back your smile when you lay your eyes on these beautiful brights?!


DCA partner with long-established fair trade factory Jacobs Well, who pay fair wages to their largely female workforce, enabling them to make positive changes in their lives and  to have a future that they deserve. DCA also support Make it British and work with heritage British knitwear producers, once again making their products considerate as well as beautiful and wearable! Then, to top it off, DCA also work with the Phoenix Foundation who are a charitable fund that supports vulnerable children suffering with burns due to war injuries, with 20% of all their Tee-shirt profits going to this incredible charity. I mean, the list could go on and the dedication to ethical fashion is crystal clear. This isn’t easy to do people! It’s the right thing to do, but it’s not a walk in the park.


In the lovely photo below you will see that our DCA delivery came with a note book as well as the beautiful top Katie is wearing. Do you see something unique going on here? Yes, it’s the same fabric on both items! That’s because DCA work with a company called Kapdaa which means ‘cloth’ in English; they help brands to use their fabric off-cuts to make gorgeous matching note books, so fun! It’s an idea that many other brands have also tried and tested and the results are simply gorgeous. Kapdaa also provide employment opportunities to local workers and provide a way for brands to be more sustainable and conscious of what they do with their waste. It’s a win win situation and one we are so pleased to see DCA are involved in.

If you want a piece of this gorgeous brand, DCA have actually just launched in John Lewis. Yes, you heard right….they are in John Lewis! How amazing, not just for DCA, but for the whole ethical fashion community. To have a fellow ethical brand recognised in this way is fantastic and it paves the way for other brands to be recognised in the same light, but it also means consumers have a broader range of fabrics and designs to choose from. There is no way you would walk past the DCA clothing rail draped in happy colours and silky finishes. It’s attractive, luxury, ethical fashion and we love it! So get shopping (if you need to of course).

Thanks Saiint! Isn’t that awesome? Make sure to check them out here here, and go wish Katie a belated happy birthday on their social media channels. She loves birthday attention, lets make it last all month. Check out their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or even better, sign up to their newsletter so you never miss a thing.

Until next time, stay magic y’all.