Having been in this sustainable lifestyle game a little while now, I find one of the most common issues people bring up with me is how hard it is for them to find ethical fashion, that they really want to buy better but there are just no alternatives out there. This always seems surprising to me, but then I have to remember that most people don’t spend as much time as I do researching and talking about this stuff. For the average person who just likes to shop, it can be really hard.

But not any more, because Sheer Apparel has got you covered. This one stop online shop covers everything from underwear to evening wear; with every piece being beautifully minimal, elegant and, most importantly, ethical.

So let me tell you a little more.

The Backstory 

Sheer Apparel was founded by Paula Haunit; I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Paula and her passion and approach to sustainable, ethical clothing is nothing short of infectious. Originally an economist, Paula was fascinated by worldwide connections business and trade can create, with the fashion industry being a perfect example of this as each garment goes through many stages to become what we see in front of us. After ten years of working for big companies, she wanted to start a business where she could be creative and work for a cause she was passionate about. She realised that most of the world had become detached from the stories and connections behind our purchases, not stopping to think about how the people who make our clothes are treated. As most of these people are women, fashion is especially connected to women’s rights, a cause that was also close to her.

Although a finding a lifestyle balanced between sustainability and not feeling like we’re missing out had always been important to Paula, she started thinking much more deeply about the impact of our clothes in 2015, becoming increasingly frustrated that it took so long to find truly stylish, ethically made clothes. There are many great ethical brands around, but she felt like there wasn’t much that she wanted to wear: nothing formal, sportswear or lingerie focused that quite fit her aesthetic. It took a lot of research to find a real range in one place, and after realising many other women felt the same, she decided to do something about it and build that place herself.

And so, Sheer Apparel began. Born with the simple goals of providing a great, broad choice, whilst still being curated to only include clothes the Sheer team love and really would wear themselves. With a clear brand aesthetic in mind, Paula spent weeks researching a range of brands from across Europe to find the perfect Sheer Apparel companies: stylist, with a little sophistication and fun thrown into the mix. Of over two hundred brands researched, Sheer launched with twelve, showing their dedication to only showcasing the best, most beautiful clothes. Essentially, doing all the hard work for you. The brands were immediately attracted to the Sheer Apparel story, and these days many more amazing brands are reaching out to Sheer Apparel too, which promises for an especially exciting future.


‘I want Sheer Apparel to become your go-to place for gorgeous, sustainable and fairly priced clothes, so offering all relevant categories and a great selection within them, is a key goal

The Selection Process 

Sheer Apparel have 3 very simple criteria:

– All their brands produce ethically and are fully transparent about it.
– They use more sustainable fabrics, such as high quality wool, incredible end of line fabrics like vintage lace, organic cotton, and tencel. Where they do have synthetics, which can be a great choice for some garments, they are recycled.
– The pieces have to look great, so that the customer can love and look after her garments for a really long time.

These simple, strong goals have led to a curated collection that people love, and the response has been even better than Sheer Apparel could have imagined. Customers love what Sheer Apparel is about, including those who haven’t necessarily put much thought into an outfit beyond how it looks. This ability to provide very much viable alternatives, and also change mindsets at the same time, is exactly what Paula has been working for.

The feedback on their products has been enthusiastic, reflecting the care that goes into selecting each item, which resonates with customers. When I met with Paula she brought a few of her favourite products with her, explaining the quality, materials and how it was made with both a passion and an in depth knowledge which shows that they really know their suppliers and their products. So not only does Sheer Apparel do the leg work for you in finding ethical brands, their sign of approval is a sign of a brand’s trustworthiness, meaning that customers get the best possible deal without having to do any of the hard work.

The Future

Although 2017 hasn’t been going for that long, there are already a ton of plans on the horizon for Sheer Apparel. From March 17th – 26th they’ll have a Pop Up Store in a beautiful space in Shoreditch; hosting free events with a personal stylist, bra-fitting from one of their lingerie brands and sustainable wardrobe workshops. It’s going to be crazy fun, and you bet your sweet butts I’m gonna be there. They’re also looking at the potential of adding new ranges and lines all the time, as they’re always on the look out for the best the ethical fashion world has to offer. Paula is always looking to help inspire a more considered way of enjoying beautiful clothes, and 2017 is looking to be bigger and better than ever before. When asked about her inspirations Paula told me:

‘At the moment the amazing female founders around me really inspire me, because of how they throw their whole selves into building something they are really passionate about. Many of the brands we stock or are approached by are also small but growing businesses led by women, and I love being able to tell their stories through Sheer Apparel.

I started Sheer Apparel to offer women an excellent range of beautiful, sustainable fashion, so deepening choice within the categories will remain a focus. I am also looking into adding a baby range, so I’m pretty sure it won’t get boring at Sheer Apparel anytime soon!’


I’m pretty sure of that too. With beautiful products, ethical standards and all the hard work done for you, what else could you ask for? You can shop at Sheer Apparel online here

Until next time, stay magic y’all.