So today is a little different, as this isn’t really something you can make or buy in the traditional way of being an object. Gifting an experience is a perfect present for a minimalist, someone who’s notoriously hard to buy for or when you’re running short on time and, instead of focusing on owning more stuff and having more material things, gives a lasting present of bonding time and great memories.

Last year, instead of a traditional gift, one of my best friends gave me a Lush spa voucher for  the ‘Good Hour‘ massage treatment. I only cashed the voucher a few weeks ago and, after a 30 hour journey home from New Zealand, it was the best gift I could have ever been given. I was given 5 star treatment from the minute I walked in the door, which goes a long way when you don’t know what time it is or which way is up, and within my treatment I was able to relax in a soothing atmosphere (with some lovely smells and treats of course, it is Lush after all) and get my little tired body sorted out. At the end of my treatment I was handed a cup of tea with a shot of rum in it (wink wink) and I left full of gratitude, far less sore and with a lovely experience to remember.

When it comes to aiming for a simpler, slower lifestyle giving an experience is ideal. It doesn’t take up physical space, it’s expendable and enjoyable, and you can still show someone you care by choosing an experience that’s personal to them. In the past I’ve given theatre/concert tickets, nights out, home-cooked meals and day trips, catered to whoever I want to give to. I’ve also been given zorbing and zip wire experiences (SO FUN), a day at a theme park, and trips to museums or galleries for specific exhibitions I wanted to see. You can go upscale and buy someone something in advance, as my friend did, or plan a cheaper day out with just you and your gift recipient. The cost doesn’t necessarily matter, it’s about how you make that person feel special, which can be shown just by the fact that you’ve put the effort in to plan a whole day. Go big or small, go away on a trip or just go for a picnic in the countryside near you, either is fine. Hey, you could even make a whole coupon book full of ideas for someone to cash in if you can’t choose just one.

So if you’ve been wracking your brain for weeks trying to think of the perfect gift for someone, don’t get them a gift at all. Instead give them experience, something that will give them lasting memories, a day full of fun and a happy reminder that the best things in life often aren’t things at all. It’s cheesy but hey, it’s true! I’d much rather have a ton of memories of trips, adventures and massages (seriously, I will always accept more massages) than more things than I know what to do with.

Until next time, stay magic y’all.