For the hairier fellows in your life, The Bearded Man Company’s products are a perfect treat this Christmas time. This year my boyfriend went through stages of clean shaven, bearded and mustachioed, so I really started noticing beardy products. Gifts like beard oil provide a fun bit of luxury when sprucing up that facial fuzz, as well as smelling lovely, so sustainable and organic products such as the Bearded Man Company’s range are pretty ideal.


The Bearded Man Company are a small, family business based in Kent who’d been creating and developing small batch artisan beauty products for years. They use the highest quality natural ingredients in their handcrafted, organic products and keep their inventory low to ensure the freshest product possible. Their base products are 100% natural and their products contain no Parabens, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, dyes, Sulfates or toxic ingredients whilst also being cruelty free and never tested on animals.


The Bearded Man Co sell beard oils, balms, washes, conditioners and moustache styling waxes at a range of prices. They also have a huge variety of scents (I think sandalwood, rosemary and Spanish oil all sound amazing), and their beard oils all come in glass bottles, which are easy to recycle or reuse. And if you can’t decide on a specific product, they sell a whole load of gift options, letting you combine products in one gift set deal. My favourite of these is the oil gift box sample set which includes sample bottles of the full 24 beard oil options in smaller bottles, meaning your hairy friend can try all their options before deciding on their favourite, or providing 24 nifty travel bottles if you know a hairy jet-setter. The possibilities – and the smells –  are endless!


So if you’re trying to decide what to give to a certain hairy someone, look no further than these organic options.

Until next time, stay magic y’all.