If you’re looking to get someone a clothing this Christmas, skip out on the high street stores and go for a statement, sustainable fashion piece instead. Not only will your purchase be more ethical, it’ll last longer and be used a whole lot more by whoever receives it. My favourite brand for this? P.i.C Style, all the way. P.i.C’s collection is consciously designed and ethically made in a local London factory. Fabrics are locally sourced, sustainable, organic or select stock material, and never mass-produced. But the best part is that the P.i.C collection is designed as a capsule wardrobe, meaning the clothes are mad flexible. From their 8 statement pieces you can create over 50 looks (CRAZY), so imagine how many more you can make when combined with other clothes you already own? They are the perfect investment pieces to keep interchanging and wearing different ways, or to get you started on the capsule wardrobe life you’ve always dreamed of.

PiC_41220 copy.jpg

I was lucky enough to meet the brilliant minds behind P.i.C a while back, so I can attest first hand to how passionate they are about changing the fashion industry, and how driven they are to actually be the change they want to see through their business. They very kindly gave me the De Beau Cami as my own little Christmas gift, and I just can’t take it off.


You know when you get that special outfit you just know you’ll wear Christmas day? That’s totally this for me. The cami is made from from 100% organic bamboo silk and off cut lace, so also has some solid zero waste credentials. It feels so soft against the skin and luxurious to wear, and I love how easily it can transfer between day and night depending on what you pair it with. When I first got this in the post I spent about an hour just trying it on with all different outfit combos, and it worked with all of them. Oh and it can be worn both ways round too! Super versatile, super minimal, super beautiful.

PiC_40194 copy.jpg

So if you know someone who loves gorgeously minimal clothes that also happen to be ethically made and sustainable, you can’t go wrong with giving them a P.i.C investment piece this christmas. You can shop the rest of the capsule collection here.

Until next time, stay magic y’all.