If you’re wanting to give some beauty gifts this year but don’t have time to make yourself then look no further than Clean Beauty Co. Clean beauty Co was founded by clean beauty lovers Elsie and Dominika, and is a London based beauty brand that makes natural and non-toxic beauty products. As they explain on their website:

‘We love beauty products but we also love our skin, our health and wellbeing. Going clean means that we know what we’re putting on our bodies, as well as in. We’re not wasting our money on cheap alternatives; we’re actually nourishing our skin and hair with high quantities of our favourite plants, nuts, flowers and seeds – all the anti-ageing, super-moisturising, ultra-nourishing goodness that hasn’t been diluted with pointless fillers and chemicals.’


All of their products are handmade in London, all are 100% natural and all are vegan, except Coconut Dreaming, which contains honey powder. Their fuss-free moisturiser and well earned soak are my favourites from their current line, but they also carry products for hair, bath and body scrubs. Close Shave is also great gift for men (or anyone who shaves but you know, some men have to shave a lot) as part of the shaving routine. There’s no nasties in any of these products, and they have full ingredients lists online (we all know I love transparency).

Their products are great for those who love a clean and simple approach to life. With beautiful minimal packaging and very small ingredient lists, these products are great for the body and also great at keeping it fuss free. Their packaging is also incredibly easy to repurpose (and most of it is recyclable!).

To shop the Clean Beauty Co collection this Christmas, check out their store here.
Until next time, stay magic y’all.