Taking jewellery on tour is always something of a hassle. Take too much and not only do you have to lug it around for two months but it inevitably all tangles together, aka you never wear it because effort, and 90% of the time you’re too sweaty to want to wear it anyway. But don’t take anything at all and it can feel a little sad. There are times when you’re not performing when you want to feel a bit more dressed up than your usual sweaty state, to add a touch more personality when you’re out in the ~real world~ and not on stage; it’s a tough one to balance for me.

And then in stepped Agnes Ice to save me from my woes. I connected with this wonderful, France based human via Instagram, and her handcrafted jewellery is now one of my top new favourites. Let me tell you why:

– All materials are eco-friendly and ethical. All the metals Agnes works with come from a sustainable supplier in France, and the supplier she uses also makes recycled stirling silver and solid gold. Agnes only works with eco-responsible sources that are affiliated and certified by the Responsible Jewellery Councile (RJC), and she also recycles her own silver by melting old scraps in her studio that can’t be used for anything else. Any gem stones are selected by Agnes herself and come from a woman who has been trading gem stones for nearly twenty years, with all gems and diamonds being completely conflict free. You can read more on the material she uses in her FAQ.

– All items are handmade. They are made by Agnes herself, a self taught silversmith (and an admirable one at that!), with no casting or moulding methods at all. Each item is fully unique and individual.

– All items are made to order, meaning that Agnes only makes something once it is ordered. This means there is very little wasteage of energy or resources and, as she recycles her own silver, that makes for a pretty waste free business model!

– Her main objectives are simplicity and authenticity, both in terms of production processes and aesthetic. Her designs are sleek, minimal and soo beautiful.

– All packaging is completely recyclable or reusable.

Agnes was kind enough to send me her ring No. 6 and MAN do I love it. It’s literally perfect for touring, because Singapore and Australia are both super hot. The minimal design and thin band of this ring make it the perfect accessory because it’s not too claustrophobic to wear in the humidity/heat; it sits more loosely and is kept in place because of its shape instead of how tight it fits the finger. I wore it on a trip to the sunshine coast on a hot day off and it was a total dream to wear! I remained cool in both senses of the word. Also, I love the unique twist on the knuckle duster design for something beautiful and interesting (instead of, you know, violent connotations) with incorporating the infinity sign. I get so many compliments and questions about this ring, I know I’m not the only one who’s never seen a design like it before. It’s right up my street with the perfect combo of minimal and innovative, so simple and yet quirky, so it’s even nicer to be able to tell people that it was handmade in France using recycled materials on top of that. It’s literally the only piece of jewellery I brought on tour with me, and it adds the perfect level of pazazz whilst being absolutely no hassle, what a dream.



Seriously, if you’re into minimal, one of a kind jewellery pieces I can’t recommend Agnes highly enough. Recycled, handmade, beautiful designs, based in France (low on the carbon footprint if you’re somewhere like the UK)… what more could you want? Go check out her website for more cool designs, and also feel free to contact her as she does custom designs too! She may just have the perfect thing for you.

Oh and also, keep an eye out on the blog. We may just have a very special Agnes Ice themed giveaway coming up very soon….

Until next time, stay magic y’all.