The last time I did one of these it proved to be pretty popular, and with tour literally starting today (!!!) I’m back again with my essential info for ethical travel.

First things first,  I’m only taking carry on. As an (aspiring) minimalist and a victim of multiple lost luggage incidents, I think this is totally the way to go. Keep your stuff on you and keep it easy. No waiting at carousels, no emergency clothes buying when your things don’t turn up, no waiting at the Air BnB for your luggage to finally be delivered two days later. No hassle. So with that in mind, here are my top five tips for packing:

1. Keep it minimal
My tour lasts for two months, there’s no way I’m taking two months worth of clothes. Think capsule wardrobe on the go. I like to take my inspiration from P.i.C’s capsule collection and pick items that can be layered and worn multiple ways, getting the most looks for the least amount of space. My general rule is around three pairs of shorts, 5 tops, a few dresses. You’ll be amazed how far this can go. You do not need all the things you think you’re going to need. Repeat this to yourself. Trust me, my first tour I took SO many clothes, I used about 20% of them. It is not worth it. When you do pack, roll your clothes instead of folding for extra space.

2. Keep it climate relevant
Do your research on the weather where you’re going, Australia is crazy hot so it’s not difficult for me. However, if you’re going somewhere where it may be temperamental take dresses where you can add tights and layer up if it gets chilly, much lighter to carry than emergency trousers and top combos. If you’re not a dress person, instead of a huge emergency jacket take lighter layers that can be worn together if necessary. (My boyfriend is a notorious multiple jacket wearer, nobody ever notices) And if it’s going to be hot, prep in advance for your best options, especially when it comes to sustainable, non-toxic sunscreen. No coral bleaching for me!


3. Keep it light
Remember how I was talking about layers? The best way to avoid them clogging up your hand luggage it to utilise your bulkiest items on the flight. Aeroplanes are cold. I wear a pair of light, comfy trousers and a t-shirt to fly, but I use my just-in-case layers for the travel too. I generally end up wearing another t-shirt and an oversized denim shirt or light jumper to stay warm, which also keeps them out of my bag. You also want to keep your shoes, the real space stealers, on the lighter side. I travel with one pair of sandals, my shoes for dancing, and one pair of trainers. I always wear the trainers on the plane as they’re the bulkiest by far, it makes such a difference. If you’re not going on tour you can probably switch out those shoes for some heels or other formal shoe, but if you don’t have to don’t. Two pairs is actually enough, I promise.

4. Keep it solid
It is travel that really makes a zero-waster feel good about themselves. The good old 100ml rule is not an issue. Zero waste shampoo? No problem. Zero waste toothpaste? No problem. Zero waste deodorant? No problem! Man it feels good to have barely any liquids. Heck, I even have a sustainable alternative to make up wipes. Not only does this save a ton of space, hassle and money in the long run, it gives you more room in that little baggy for liquids you actually do need; like that sunscreen we talked about, which you can buy in advance as you now have room for it!


5. Keep it packaging free
Remember that other what’s in my bag post? It remains relevant here, everything you can carry on a daily basis also comes in super handy for sustainable travel. Taking an empty water bottle that you fill after you’re through security means you can turn away all those weird plastic pots of water they try to give you, a handkerchief means no airport napkins, you can bring food in your box to avoid the waste of in flight meals. And the mooncup, well ladies should just always carry that. These simple everyday tips really help you cut down your travel waste, who doesn’t want that? The only thing to watch out for – maybe just take a reusable spoon so security don’t confiscate your knife and fork.

And there you have it. Keep it simple and easy and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards. Happy travelling, and I’ll see you when I land in Singapore!

Until next time, stay magic y’all.