As many of you will know, I’ve been chatting to Threads Worldwide a lot recently about ethical fashion and their jewellery range. Threads partner with artisan cooperatives across the world, providing a platform for them to sell their ethically made, often sustainable products to a larger audience. I was pretty vocal about my love for their fall line, especially the designs that have that simple, classic feel with an individual edge. When I said I had my eye on a few of the bracelets they were kind enough to send me a gift (thanks guys!) to review today, and I chose the Nathu Bracelet.

This bracelet was made by women outside of New Delhi, India. Here’s what Threads have to say about it:

‘Several of the artisan cooperatives that we partner with in India provide women from lower social castes the opportunity of economic advancement and social mobility – two phenomena that are rare in India. Women move from a life destined of poverty to handcrafting jewellery and earning a sustainable income. They find themselves to be valuable contributions to their cooperative and community.’

Pretty cool huh?

I also chose this bracelet because it’s made from brass, which is commonly known to be a sustainable metal. Brass is an alloy created by a mixture of zinc and copper, and suppliers and manufacturers throughout the world depend on recycled brass scrap for their resources. Producing new brass from copper and zinc is too uneconomical and results in a lot of waste, so brass scrap is instead consistently recycled into new brass, making it an environmentally friendly material and 100% recyclable. Also pretty cool.


So what do I think? I really like this bracelet, I got comments on how unique it was as soon as I started wearing it. It’s really light and easy to wear and the dark colour means it goes with just about anything (and perfectly fits the all black London aesthetic). I also like that it’s still minimal but also has a bit of quirk and character to it, just how I prefer it. My only comment is I wouldnt recommend this if you have really thin arms or wrists. It’s adjustable but only up to a point, so could definitely be an inconvenience if it doesn’t fit properly. Luckily Threads has a ton of other jewellery on offer that may be better to suited to you. 😉

Apart from that, I love it! Thanks again Threads!

To see more ethical and sustainable jewellery check out Threads Worldwide here.