With the arrival of September comes a change of the seasons. As I look out of my window I can see leaves starting to yellow and clouds starting to gather. Does that sound ominous? It is. Don’t get me wrong I love Autumn (although I’ll miss a fair portion of it being in Australia), there’s nothing I love better than stepping on a good crunchy leaf and wearing cosy layers, but in England things can change weather wise very quickly, so being prepared is key. Now is the time when the wardrobe often gets a shake up and some new additions because, as they say, winter is coming.

I’ve been talking to the folks over at Threads Worldwide for a little while now about ethical fashion for fall. Their fairtrade artisan jewellery  is one of ways they contribute to the fairer fashion game, as they partner with artisan cooperatives across the world and provide a platform for them to sell their beautiful products. In fact, I’m pretty much in love with their fall line, it’s full of autumnal colours and minimal designs that are simple, classic and perfect for the time of year (I’ve got my eye on a few of the bracelets myself!). I may be in the southern hemisphere but at least I’ll be able to carry a bit of fall with me; if you’re looking for something for yourself or someone else, I would recommend starting with these guys. But now I’ve got my accessories sorted, Threads and I have been talking about how you start building that an ethical wardrobe alongside this. As the seasons change you don’t want to be starting again from scratch, but instead transitioning into more conscious consumer choices. Below are some top tips from the lovely Ali at Threads on how to start switching your old shopping habits…

This fall, don’t let your passion for style cause you to neglect your conscience. Here are 5 great ways to keep your wardrobe fresh, all while breaking the cycle of mindless consuming.

1) Organize a clothing swap

Take advantage of your friends’ great taste! Next time you plan a night in with your girls, bring that pile of clothes you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Fresh additions to your wardrobe at no cost, plus the opportunity to clean out your closet = win win!


2) Big thrift

As a young adult, it may seem like you have to sacrifice thriftiness for a professional appearance, but don’t be fooled. We’ve gotten some beautiful pieces from mainstream thrift stores — you just have to know where to look.

Pro tip: Consider the neighborhood. For example, if you’re seeking something upscale for your next shareholder’s meeting, head to an area flocked by successful businesswomen. Want something more conservative for dinner with the in-laws? A neighborhood populated by 30-somethings and young parents should have just what you need.

3) Ethical clothing companies


The public is becoming increasingly aware of the unjust labor that goes into stocking their go-to fast fashion stores. Luckily, ethical clothing companies are cropping up, providing easy ways to convert to conscious consuming

4) Shop local

Here in Denver, we have a few favorite consignment boutiques that allow us to contribute locally while thinking globally. We know we’re not the only lucky ones!

Pro Tip: When searching for thrift and consignment stores, try Googling near a specific address rather than “near me.” Your results will be much more promising.


5) Online thrift

All of us at Threads Worldwide are huge fans of shopping thrift, and for good reason. We want to keep excess clothing out of landfills, support thrift stores that have positive impacts on their communities, and contribute to a clean supply chain. So naturally, when we stumbled upon online thrift stores, we became a little obsessed.

Check out Threads Worldwide HERE for their favourite online Thrift Store AND a special exclusive treat!

Until next time, stay magic y’all