Hello hello, after my post on the creativity, self care and ethical living went down so well with you all I’m excited to share a super easy and effective DIY beauty recipe with you today. Literally anyone can make this body scrub, so you get the joy of making something, but it’s also cheap, sustainable and there’s no nasty ingredients in sight. This recipe was given to me by the gals over at Clean Beauty Co after we got chatting about natural beauty and I really recommend you check them out for natural, non-toxic beauty recipes and products. Keep scrolling for their recipe and my review!

In their words…

I’m sure you’ve seen a load of companies selling coffee scrubs at the moment, us included! They are definitely the scrub of the moment and for good reason, as coffee is a fantastic exfoliant but is also nonabrasive, so perfect for sensitive skin. The high caffeine content of this scrub helps stimulate blood flow and give a temporary plumping effect, which helps mask any lumps, bumps or even cellulite – perfect for summer weather when the short shorts come out! We mix it with our trusty coconut oil, which is fantastically moisturising for the skin and high in naturally fatty acids which hydrate and nourish whilst also being a powerful antioxidant, meaning it’s great for cell regeneration and anti-ageing. We’ve also included pink himalayan salt to provide a bit of a detox kick, this stuff is great at drawing out any impurities or toxins from the skin, and finally, if you have one handy, an essential oil of your choice will fragrance this beautifully. We suggest lavender for sensitive and dry skin.


130g Ground Coffee

50g Pink Himalayan Salt

20g Coconut Oil

10drops Essential Oil if using

Melt the coconut oil in a bain-marie, adding the essential oil if using. Stir in both the coffee and salt, then decant into an air-tight jar and allow to cool. Use in the shower daily, it’ll last around 3 months if you keep wet fingers out of the jar (water decreases the shelf life).

And the best bit? You can go super eco-friendly and make the most of your used coffee grinds! If you’re able to use immediately then this is the perfectly way to recycle your coffee. Simply add 3 tablespoons of coffee to 1 of salt and 1/2 of coconut oil, take to the shower and enjoy! It won’t last longer than one use as the used grinds will have water in them.

My Review

Ooh there’s nothing like a good body scrub to help you feel squeaky clean, and this one is perfect. It only took me about five minutes to put this scrub together, it really could not be easier. I didn’t have lavender oil so went for rose instead, which has too many benefits to even list here, but they worked together a treat.


In actual use this scrub is the perfect balance of exfoliant and nourishing; you get a really good scrubby clean from the coffee and salt, but your skin is left feeling so smooth, moisturised and luxurious when you wash it off. It also really wakes you up! If you like the smell of coffee this is the perfect way to kick start your morning as the aroma fills your shower, I feel so awake and ready for the day just from my morning wash.

After using this this morning I can safely say my skins feels very clean and, most importantly, very happy. I feel like a coffee goddess as the smell is still faintly lingering around me as I walk, and I’ve been moisturised and exfoliated brilliantly, perfect for a scorching day like today when you need to feel clean. The sun has made a glorious if surprising return to London this week meaning the shorts are out today, and my legs don’t mind a bit. There’s also the added pleasure of knowing exactly what you’re putting on your body and why it’s good for you, as well as knowing you made it yourself, with your own two hands. You know how homemade food always tastes better than store bought? It’s kinda like that feeling.

I would definitely recommend this recipe, why not give it a try this week? Remember, anyone can make something, and if you’re looking to get crafty but don’t feel confident this is a great place to start.

Until next time, stay magic y’all.