Well if you haven’t caught up yet, I’ve been talking about self care here on the blog; ways to look after ourselves in order to maintain the best ethical lifestyle as happy and healthy people. When I started to feel pretty sick due to neglecting myself, I knew I needed to have a calming night to rest, reset and destress. But it was my first time to really do this since deciding on zero waste, so I thought I’d let you guys know what I got up to and what I used, in case you find yourself stumped at any point and looking for some inspiration.

So for me this night was all about looking after myself physically in order to clear my mind and relax, so I started with some yoga at home. Now people do yoga for a myriad of reasons, some have spiritual levels to it but for me it’s purely physical. As a trained dancer I find it’s the best thing for me to combine strength, stretching and controlling my breathing. This last one is key, because when I struggle with anxiety breathing seems to be a real difficulty. When I’m at home I do yoga from YouTube (I love a bit of Fightmaster yoga personally) because I find it really helpful to have someone else leading me through it, the pressure’s off me and I can focus on the physical, and I find that really useful.

Now after this, it’s bath time. I rarely take baths, showers use a lot less water so that’s my go-to choice, but once in a while I do think it’s good to just take time out and have a bath. I just try and make sure I’m responsible when I do make that choice, and I try and not be wasteful about it (aka, I will sit in that bath for hours until it goes cold. None of this twenty minutes for me). Because of my crazy work schedule Mr Unicorn (as we shall refer to him) was kind enough to pick up a bath bomb for me because he’s very good, and he went for The Experimenter from Lush; he chose it all on his own! This, like many other Lush products, comes wrapped in no plastic at all, just a little bit of paper to be recycled, was made locally in the UK and is of course cruelty free. However this one was extra special because of it’s crazy colour combinations and glittery nature, it was extra unicorn friendly. It contains soothing vetivert oil, tonka absolute (which sounds like a product from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but is actually a real life fruit) which is anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic, both of which were helpful as I had an awful cough and general ill symptoms, and popping candy for some extra fizz. Also, because I like to do my research, I looked up the glitter in the bath bomb and can confirm that it’s both non-toxic and non harmful to the environment. Glitter in it’s other forms can be, so I just wanted to check that here, but we were all good.

One of the best things about this bath bomb is definitely the colours and amazing fizz it has, it’s so great that Lush made a video in 4K for it, and it looks like a wild piece of art. It calmed my mind down as I was so entranced with all the colours, and when it’s done it settles into a kind of dark glittery bath which is pretty magical, Harry Potter-esque if you will. I found this bomb really helped me out, I didn’t cough all night as I sat in my shimmery bath for like two hours, and I felt one hundred times healthier by the end of it. I chilled with a book for a while before turning to Netflix (I place my laptop fairly far away from the bathtub because you know, be safe people). I’ve been rewatching Aziz Ansari’s Master of None which if you haven’t watched, you should. It’s not perfect of course but it’s diverse representation, female characters with actual depth and attempts to look at important topics definitely make it worth checking out. I’ve loved Aziz ever since the days of Parks and Rec, and he does pretty great here too.

To add to my bath fun I also wanted to treat my skin, the thing most likely to suffer when stress and anxiety are about. I was getting so tired I wasn’t taking make up off or looking after myself at all, and I felt ick. I cracked out my Don’t Look At Me face mask, also from Lush. As you can tell I actually picked this up in Japan for some pre-wedding preparations, but boy it just keeps on going. I’ve used it three times, there’s at least four more uses left in this lil tub. I have a tiny face so that probably adds to it, but definitely feeling the payoff for those yen spent. And of course, this pot is made from recycled plastic and can be taken right back to Lush to be recycled again. They’re all about trying to have a closed loop of plastic production.

This mask is brilliantly bright blue and contains grapefruit oil, lemon juice, tofu and murumuru butter for brightness, nourishment and health. The best part of this is that it’s actually a scrubbing facemask but with NO microbeads. Microbeads are one of the worst things for the ocean, they’re made of plastic and are both toxic and dangerous to underwater ecosystems, and using them in the bath or shower sends them straight to these places. This facemask uses rice as the scrubbing ingredient instead, proving once again that plastic is stupid and that there are a ton of great alternatives that give you an even better result. You just pop it on and wash off after 15 minutes, and I felt fabulous afterwards. Body, feeling good. Mind, feeling good. Skin, feeling good.

I also like to eat snacks to leave my belly feeling good too when this is going on. My two favourite recipes that I’ve found for this are these healthy peanut butter cups and these raw chocolate bites. I promise you, these both taste amazing and are ridiculously easy to make. The first recipe tastes exactly like the store bought version, the second is like eating chocolate truffles, but healthy! So, sooo good. I promise.

When all this fun was over I had a proper moisturise with my natural, sustainable beauty products from Sophie la Girafe for body and face. I’ve talked about these guys in blogs previously, they’re some of my absolute favourites because they’re organic and vegan but their packing is also recyclable AND the company is certified Eco-cert. On top of this, their lotions are actually designed for babies (but can be used by adults!) meaning they’re extra sensitive and good for the skin whilst also being soothing and super relaxing as they’re filled with wonderful ingredients and smells. Ooh I just love them. By the time I got to bed I felt like a goddess of pampered relaxation, and I was straight to sleep for like, an actual good period of time.

Mission accomplished, but with no drastic impact on any other creature or ecosystem. Hooray! I hope this gives you some ideas for how to pamper yourself, because you deserve it and you can do it in an ethical way. Until next time, stay magic y’all.