There are some (material) things in this world that charity shops can’t give you. Underwear is definitely one of these, probably swim wear too. But you know what I never seem to have any luck with? Jewellery. I’m pretty picky when it comes to jewellery, because of dancing I never want to wear anything too heavy or too big because I don’t want to feel gross if I have to take it off and then put it back on again after exercising. I also get hot really easily in summer (could I be more English) so I prefer things that are light, minimal and effortless whilst also being timeless, and these are pretty specific requirements when you’re trying to shop second hand. I think there’s also still a kind of stigma around ethical fashion, this idea that ethical can only mean boho, when there are many of us out there who prefer a more minimal aesthetic. Since I made the ethical switch over I’ve been keeping an eye out for ethical, minimal jewellery companies, and when a dear reader asked for some help looking, I thought I’d dig deeper and make a post about three of my favourite options that I’ve found so far. So today I wanted to present my current favourites to you…

Wild Fawn Jewellery

‘Wild Fawn Jewellery is a handmade jewellery collection that’s inspired by delicate simplicity and the unique. Emma, the designer and maker behind the brand, translates strong geometric and minimalist influences into wearable, yet eye catching, delicate jewellery pieces’

What do they sell?
Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, ear cuffs, custom wedding rings and a special solid gold collection

How are they ethical?
All of their pieces are made from recycled sterling silver and gold, making their materials eco-friendly. They’re handmade in London, guaranteeing craftsmanship as well as fair treatment and pay for workers making these pieces, as well as generally being made to order, reducing wasted materials and resources. They’re also a fairtrade foundation registered jeweller; when making custom wedding band rings they use only fairtrade or recycled gold to support artisanal/small scale gold and silver miners

Why do I like them?
I think these designs are stunning, their aesthetic is my exact taste. I love anything that recycles materials in an innovative way and I love that they’re London based, so that’s about as local as possible for me!

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Moorg Woodworks

‘Handcrafted unique, durable, eco friendly wooden rings made in Slovenia…We design and handcraft our jewelry collection out of the highest quality exotic and domestic woods from sustainable sources. We transform them into stylish pieces that let every woman and men freely express their inner selves. ‘

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 13.53.48

What do they sell?
Classic and inlay rings for women AND men, but it looks like an expansion into other products is coming soon!

How are they ethical?
Their main material, wood, is sourced from sustainable sources. Their products are handmade to custom order, again reducing waste and providing better quality craftsmanship. Their products are made in Slovenia which is part of the EU, meaning that working conditions and wages are fair, as the EU monitors workers rights. These rings are also designed to be more durable, meaning they’ll last longer and again, less waste. They explain the making process here:
‘Each of our rings starts out as thin strips of wood which are then carefully wrapped into a ring, forming several layers of wood with grain that runs along the ring rather than across it. That gives the ring superior strength and ensures ultimate durability for the wearer to enjoy years to come’

Why do I like them?
I really like the fact that I have never seen rings like these before. It’s not just the fact that they’re handmade that makes them totally unique, it’s the great designs. I love that the wood is sutainably sourced, and these are perfect for the summer as they would stay cool and remain light.



‘Founded in 2006, Beklina was the first and original online, “eco boutique”… Based in Northern California, our shop is a family business ( a mom and two daughters) that tightly curates strong thinkers and artists in the fashion and art world, emphasizing USA made, well crafted heirloom wares with sustainable ideals. Portraying our aesthetic, Beklina continues to present pieces that are versatile and timeless.’

bek1What do they sell?
Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings

How are they ethical?
A lot of their jewellery is made from reclaimed or natural materials, such as antique beads or oxidized brass. Jewellery is handmade in a variety of countries, mainly in the USA, under fair conditions. (It is worth noting that not everything is suitable for vegans as I did notice a leather product, but most seem to be fine!)

Why do I like them?
I like that these guys still fit the minimal aesthetic but have a real flair to them still. There’s something a little quirky about each design meaning you can go for minimal but still show your personal character in an intelligent, understated way.


So there you go! My current favourites. What ethical jewellery do you like to wear? Let me know, I’m always on the hunt for more great places I can recommend to people. Until next time, stay magic y’all.