We made it guys! We are on to the FINAL solid Lush deodorant I’ve been testing out. Now this isn’t the end of my deodorant explorations but it is the end of my Lush deodorant options, there are other companies out there to be explored too after all. You can read my previous findings on zero wastesustainable deodorants further back on the blog. I also feel it’s worth mentioning that Lush have some powder deodorants that I haven’t tried, and that’s simply a waste thing. Lush’s bottles are recycled and recyclable, but if there’s an option to choose something with no packaging at all, I’m going to want to go with that. When there were so many solid, packaging free options to try out I decided to leave the powders for later. Maybe if there’s a refill option in store one day a la zero waste supermarkets?

So today’s Lush deodorant is Aromaco, which is often Lush’s best selling deodorant. It doesn’t have a ton of ingredients in it (hooray!) but the main ones are witch hazel infusion to cleanse and tone the skin, chamomile vinegar which is antibacterial and tightens pores and patchouli oil for scent, which apparently has a ‘relaxing, uplifting effect on the mind.’ This was an interesting one when I first got it, it definitely smelled clean. Like, uber clean. It almost makes me think of soap whilst still smelling much more natural than actual soap. It’s a bit of a weird one to describe, but I like it.

Aromaco comes as a solid block but its consistency is more like that of a soap bar than the more powdery T’eo, so it feels less messy to use. The bar is pretty solid at room temperature, but once it heats up a little can be applied smoothly. I started using this bar in Japan so this was easy because it was super hot, after a few seconds I could apply deodorant with no problems. However, now I’m back in the UK I’m having a less easy time with it. I feel like I have to push super hard to apply it, which isn’t the most comfortable feeling, but is manageable. Apart from that however, it’s been working super well for me. I find that once I’ve applied it in the morning I don’t need to apply again, meaning this thing is going to last a super long time. At £4.95 per 100g, that’s pretty good. I also find that I’m not excessively sweating and don’t particularly feel gross once I’ve got this on, for me it does its job pretty well. It was also a very convenient deodorant to have with me whilst abroad because of its compact and non-messy nature, I could easily pop it in any quick travel bag and subtly whip it out if necessary.

In a quick addition, like my natural makeup explorations before, this deodorant was subject to a dance test. But not just any dance test. I took a class in Tokyo, in full Japanese, and it was intense. I’m talking no air conditioning intense. Obviously the deodorant didn’t stop me sweating then, that would be madness, but it did stop me smelling absolutely abhorrent. I looked like I’d just jumped in a swimming pool, but I didn’t smell disgusting. And after class when I got all cleaned up and continued with my day, I didn’t smell for the rest of the day. Top marks for that Aromaco!

All in all, so far on the deodorant journey I think I prefer this deodorant to the sunflower option, though the consistencies are the same the Aromaco feels a little more fresh and less oily, but I feel like I almost can’t compare it to T’eo. They’re so different that it feels like they suit different purposes, I don’t think I’d ever take T’eo with me when travelling but I would choose it first when using it in the UK, so at least now I know what works better where! Looking forward, it’s time to explore some non-Lush options and see what I find!

Until next time, stay magic y’all.