So, as I mentioned in my last post, it turns out the streets of Omotesandō in Tokyo are a dream when it comes to organic, vegan or natural treats. I started off with Brown Rice Canteen, and today I want to tell you about my next find about 100m down the road, John Masters Organics Tokyo.

Ok, this one isn’t a Japanese company. John Masters is from Niagara falls NYC. After starting a non-toxic beauty salon out of his apartment John began creating his own organic haircare products in the early 1990s before expending into a full line and moving his salon into premises in Soho, New York (mentally adding this to the places to visit list). In the noughties a paraben-free, organic skin care line was released due to demand, and now the company work to constantly utilise the most advanced ‘natural product technologies’. And all of this is huge in Japan. While zero waste/sustainability is still taking a little while to get going in Japan they are definitely loving organic, natural beauty, and John Masters is a big player in that world. But it’s not just their products that make these guys stand out, the Omotesandō store is truly a delight.

This John Masters store of course includes the whole range of natural beauty products. They’re all in plastic bottles sadly, but I did check and from what I saw these are mostly recyclable. (Japan is actually pretty good for recycling plastic bottles, the next best option FOR NOW if we can’t avoid plastic). Their products range from the usual body/skin care options (moisturisers, toners, cleansers etc) to a ton of hair care options and mens products, but the definite winner here is the shampoo bar. We all know I love a good zero waste shampoo but if that’s not your thing I think John Masters is definitely a trustworthy option as a company founded by someone from a specific haircare/salon background. In the shampoo bar section there are mega shampoo bottles and a big sink, perfect for sampling and smelling if you’re maybe more delicate/careful with your haircare situation, and it makes your hands smell lovely by the time you’ve finished having fun here. There are also different sections in the store for a couple of other organic lines; namely Sinn Purete, a skincare brand developed specifically for Japanese skin, Erbaviva, a Californian organic brand for adults and babies alike and french company Harmonie Verte that produce organic cleaning products. So many options! There’s something pretty zen about how everything is presented in store: scent diffusers, tranquil music and a calm feel become super important when the crazy booming sounds and colours of Harajuku are only a stones throw away. I walked through the latter to find this store, it was like a moment of refuge.


But as well as the lovely products this store has some ~extra features~ that make it worthy of talking about here. Let me break it down for you:

The Salon and The Cleanse Salon

Following on from the New York clean air salon, John Masters Organics Tokyo’s version also aims to minimise CO2 emissions while still providing the best hair treatments and styling. As well as the usual hairdresser options this salon offers scalp treatments, argan oil treatments, deep cleanses, detoxes and ageing care, all with natural, organic products of course. In the humidity and hectic Tokyo lifestyle this is a bit of a hair life saver. Sign me up please!

If you look on the John Masters Japanese website through google translate the Cleanse Salon is described as a ‘relaxing time flooded with kindness’. I don’t know how accurate that translation is, probably not very, but it’s still kinda nice. The cleanse salon offers facial and body treatments alongside physical treatments that utilise aromatherapy and try to encourage blood flow and bodily health. The treatments combine the use of essential oils with acupuncture and massage based on asian medicine to try and improve bodily alignment and relieve symptoms of stiffness/aches and pains, as well as encouraging natural detoxing through massage. Now I trained as a dancer so you don’t need to tell me twice about massage, but the cleanse salon really has something for everyone. As well as general treatments for body and face there are also specific treatments for pregnant women, period cramps, office workers, hayfever, insomnia, post exercise and more. Seriously, what is not to love. Tokyo can be a stressful place; it’s huge and teeming with people all the time. Have you seen those viral videos where people are squishing themselves into the train? That is not a joke. London times 10. If you’re in the city and need a bit of respite and calm this could be the place for you. (I would also recommend the onsen but this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea)

The Inner Beauty Bar

Thought all those external treatments were everything? You thought wrong! On top of all the beauty treatments and products this store also has the inner beauty bar, which is designed to make you feel better on the inside too! Here you can find organic coffee alongside a range of smoothies, juices and shaved ice, the last of these being a pretty new addition to the menu for summer. Pictured with the title of this blog, these are the ultimate healthy summer treat for me in Japan, because the only way to fight sweltering humidity of Tokyo in July is with LITERAL ICE. So props to John Masters for making this ice tasty and healthy! The inner beauty bar also runs a 1 or 2 day juice cleanse programme that you can get involved in if that’s up your street, with different cleanses aimed at rebooting the digestive system, revitalising the skin and boosting metabolism. So whether you want a quick snack, a moment to cool down or a whole cleanse, John Masters has got you covered.

Do you see what I mean guys? So many options with this place. Things to buy, treatments to have, snacks to eat (well, drink). If you’re in Tokyo and looking for some natural, organic love, look no further. This place is a literal organic beauty temple, and one I would seriously recommend. On top of everything they offer they also just have a nice vibe. So chill, so calm, so necessary in Tokyo. Pop by sometime! You won’t be disappointed.

Until next time, stay magic y’all.