I have another brand for you today that I recently discovered whilst on my sustainable home search (or let’s be real, slight life obsession right now): Common Good. Common Good was created for people who want to use less plastic, aka the zero waste life goal. The founders felt that cleaning products were one of the major reasons for waste and landfill, and so decided to create eco-friendly products with a refillable option. Alongside this, they also developed green formulas and include all their ingredients on their labels (something laundry products aren’t legally required to do?! Sketchyyyy). So, here’s a little more lowdown on the guys that are quickly becoming one of my all time faves.


Common Good are all about home and laundry, and they sell a nice variety. While it’s a little less than eco-friendly powerhouses Bio-D, it hits all the main ones that you may be looking for.

– Home: dish soap, hand soap, floor cleaner, glass spray, all purpose spray, bathroom cleaner, soy candles (an added nice thing)
– Laundry: laundry detergent, linen water, dryer balls

Each one of these products come with plastic or glass packaging options, and both options can be recycled OR refilled. Now this is where it gets exciting, a reusable option makes my little heart very happy! Common Good started refill stations as an easy, economical way to reuse their bottles, though some stores will also let you bring your own containers of any kind. You can check for refill station locations on their website here. If you live in London like me there are refills available around Oxford Street and the central London area, making it pretty convenient to pop in next time you’re around central , and refill is currently available for hand soap, dish soap, all purpose cleaner and laundry detergent. Refillable hand soap. Is it weird that that makes me so excited? The prospect of only ever having to buy one soap bottle to last me the rest of my life, that is a dream come true. Maybe not everyone’s dream come true, but certainly mine. The convenience!!

As well as the good stuff for the environment vibe here, Common Good’s products are also aesthetically lovely. Common Good are a company that know what their angle is, and they do it well. Minimal, simple and no fuss – something we all need now and again. It’s also nice to know that having these around your home actually makes your home just look nicer. Why go for a garish, weirdly coloured soap that stands out horribly in your house when you could get something that looks much nicer and actually is much nicer for the planet and you? It’s a no brainer really.


Like many other of my favourite companies, Common Good list their ingredients and how they’re used, as well as linking to more in depth research on their website here. They take a holistic approach to design and manufacturing, so their core values are safe and sustainable chemistry, product effectiveness and reusable or recyclable packaging. All their raw materials are sustainably sourced, free of animal by-products and biodegradable. Additionally, any of their scents don’t come from artificial sources but from essential oils.

Where to buy

Common Good is a US company, so you can’t buy their products through their website as they don’t ship outside of America. However if you live in the UK but not near a store stocking Common Good, you can order through the BLANC home website and they’ll send it right to you. Easy peasy! Whilst this does mean you can’t get refills if you’re not near a store you can always recycle their packaging, so either way you won’t be sending anything to landfill.

Personally, I’m cant wait to get my hands on some refillable hand and dish soap. I love a good refillable option because it also reduces the clutter, we’ve all had that moment where one product is running out and we buy its replacement, before you know it your house is cluttered up with a ton of half empty bottles and their successors awkwardly squeezed on the sidelines waiting. Refillable options make for a sustainable, easy, more minimal way of living. Just what I prefer! I mean, why would you go for anything else really?

Let me know if any of you out there have tried Common Good, I’d love to hear your experiences too! Until next time, stay magic y’all.