Well guys, after stumbling into eco-friendly haven that is BLANC a few weeks ago and finding that, alongside their wonderful cleaning services, they sold a whole ton of ethical, sustainable products for the home I was the happiest girl around. I was originally planning to do one big post of all the products they sell, but after revisiting and learning more I’m going to split them up, because there’s just so much to say!

So I’m starting with The Bio-D Company, one of the biggest suppliers to BLANC stores, with an amazing range of different natural products to choose from. Below I’m going to tell you more about who Bio-D are and their policies, as well as what they sell and their ingredients.

The Company

Bio-D is an independent, family-owned, ethical company based in the UK (Hull specifically which immediately earns them bonus points as I’m a northerner). They’re committed to promoting the use of hypoallergenic, eco-friendly detergents that have a minimum impact on the planet in use and in the process of manufacturing. In fact, they produce the UK’s only 100% hypoallergenic range of household detergents. And here’s some interesting environmental info from their website too:

Many of the ingredients contained in conventional household cleaners, detergents and soaps are known to have damaging effects on the environment and humankind. A passage from the research booklet, “Water Quality in Catchment Ecosystems” by A.M.Gower, reads…”of the pharmaceutical products, detergents, cosmetics and other similar domestic products and their metabolites (ingredients), greater quantities are discharged into sewers from domestic premises than from the premises manufacturing them.”

“What this statement means in simple language is that domestic pollution causes more damage to the environment than industrial pollution!”

That’s not good at all, and it’s something Bio-D wants to change. When it comes to zero waste Bio-D ensure that all their packaging contain optimum levels of recycled materials and are themselves recyclable, but they also work to ensure what’s actually in their products is good too. They use natural ingredients and, where possible, all raw materials are plant based and obtained from renewable sources, and on their website you’ll find every product they sell with an ingredient breakdown. The nicest part about this is how few ingredients they contain, and how many of the ingredient names I recognise. That’s two things I love right there. AND they’re made in the UK, so minimal shipping impacts and jobs for us locals (hooray the North for making awesome companies)

As well as this, Bio-D are strictly cruelty free and vegan. They have a firm policy of none of their raw materials or finished products being tested on animals, with a fixed cut-off date of 1988, and their raw materials are also free of genetically modified ingredients and animal by-products. They’re subject to scrutiny and approval by The Vegan Society, Naturewatch Trust, Cruelty Free International and The World Wildlife Foundation, so they’re very very accountable in regards to this, which is awesome.

Their products

Bio-D sell so many things it’s almost overwhelming, but in a great way! If you want it, they probably sell it, and you can read about each product and its contents on their website. But, for those of you in a rush, here’s a quick breakdown of the main categories

– Laundry: laundry liquid, fabric softener, washing powder, nappy fresh (sanitising powder for safe cleaning of reusable textile nappies!) and laundry bleach (which DOES NOT contain chlorine bleaching agents, it’s an oxygen based in-wash whitener to be used alongside laundry liquid or washing powder)
– Home cleaning: all purpose sanitiser spray, glass and mirror spray, hand wash sanitiser, home and garden sanitiser, furniture polish, floor cleaner, multi surface sanitiser, bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner
– Dish washing: concentrated washing up liquid, washing up liquid with grapefruit, dishwasher rinse aid, dishwasher powder

That right there is a comprehensive list. If it needs cleaning, Bio-D has a product to clean it with. Why would I ever want to use my random chemical products again? I say this all the time but seriously what is even in them?!

Ingredients Bio-D don’t use

Well, I don’t know everything that’s in my old products but, very usefully, Bio-D include a list of ingredients they don’t use on their website. This means that if you have specific ingredients you’re trying to avoid, you can quickly and easily check if they’re not part of Bio-D products, but if you’re like me, you can also use it as a resource to learn more about ingredients you should try and avoid. Bio-D have decided not to use these products based on scientific findings across the western world because, as well as not being good for you, they just aren’t necessary. Here’s that list:

Phosphates: Used as water softeners and to improve cleaning, they can stimulate excessive growth of algae in the receiving waters. These algae often grow in such great numbers that the water becomes starved of oxygen, killing fish and plant life. This condition is known as eutrophication and exists in Lake Erie, North America. Lake Erie is practically devoid of all marine life.

E.D.T.A. (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid): This is sometimes used as a substitute for, but also in addition to, phosphates. It is a sequestering agent that attracts heavy metals such as lead and mercury, both of which have known carcinogenic properties. These heavy metals can eventually find their way back into water supplies and are extremely difficult to remove completely.

Enzymes: Enzymes are present in all living organisms. They can and do cause severe skin irritations and asthma attacks. In the manufacturing process, enzymes can be genetically engineered and have been known to cause pulmonary haemorrhaging.

Optical Brighteners: Used in Laundry products to give an illusion of “whiteness”, they attach themselves to fabric to reflect “White Light”. Clothes only appear cleaner. Optical Brighteners are extremely difficult to biodegrade and can cause severe skin irritation. They can also cause mutations to microorganisms in receiving waters.

Chlorine Bleaches: These are contained in conventional Toilet Cleaners, Sanitizers, Nappy Powders, Washing Powders and Dishwasher Detergents. During the breakdown of these types of bleach carcinogenic, toxic substances are formed,which are akin to the banned pesticide D.D.T.

Petroleum-derived Additives: Most conventional household cleaners contain petroleum-derived additives and detergents. These often break down incompletely and contain toxic impurities that are highly irritant, cause allergic reactions and can endanger plant and animal life.

In addition to the ingredients listed above, the following ingredients are found in the majority of conventional, propriety brands of Soaps, Toiletries and Cosmetics.

Chemical Plasticisers: Added to soaps to make them more malleable and easier to machine mould.

Formaldehyde: Traditionally used to preserve corpses, formaldehyde is used to prolong the life of many conventional products!

Glycerin or Glycerine: Unless specifically stated that it is from a vegetable source, glycerin or glycerine will be obtained from the rendered carcases of dead animals.

Lanolin: Extracted from the processed wool from both dead and live animals.

Sodium Tallowate: Made from water, caustic soda and the rendered fat from dead animals.

Synthetic Dyes: Make finished products more visually appealing.

Synthetic Perfumes: Cheap substitutes for natural oils and essences.

Titanium Dioxide: A colouring agent that enhances the opacity of products to make them look uniformly clearer. Causes pollution in water courses

Reading this list is not very fun, but then I remember that these are all the things Bio-D DON’T use, and the idea of investing in their products is a very nice one!

Where can I buy Bio-D?

If you’re in the UK, all over the blooming place. They stock in over 6,000 stores in the UK and Ireland, they have a little map here where you can look up your closest supplier. You can also buy online through Bio-D and, if you live in London and take your clothes to get looked after at BLANC, well you can just pick some up in their stores at the same time.

So guys, give them a try. And let me know if you do!

Stay magic y’all.